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Talk Talk

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This is a record of the problems I had with TalkTalk broadband some time ago.

Note: This issue is now resolved, but I keep this as a historical record... It is now as much about shoddy customer service as it is about any particular problem...

If you're searching for the answer to:

Suddenly my filesharing / p2p speeds have dropped to almost nothing, they were fine for ages, then just went!


My World of Warcraft speeds have dropped and my latency is sky high!

And you also say yes to:

My ISP is TalkTalk, I have 1MB speed

Then I'll save you the trouble of trawling Google for hours.

Talk Talk have a 'fair usage' policy which reults in (all?) p2p traffic being capped without warning (in my case) except during the hours of midight to 8am. I only found this out through forums and then reading smallprint of talk talk's website.

They claim they will contact you if they need to limit you, but they didn't bother to contact me (or many others out there).

They also have a premium 50p a minute tech support line if you feel like complaining, just to put you off. I emailed them 2 x queries and haven't heard anything in 3 days yet.

On top of it all, my general browsing speed has fallen and even my FTP speed are suffering.

The worse thing though is that I can't even play World of Warcraft any more - when I connect I get latancy of between 10000 and 16000! I have logged a call with WoW too. The thing is, I suspect that WoW port 3724 may be on the TalkTalk blacklist!

Talktalk in the news

ISP Review TalkTalk Block Popular Online Game?


Today's ruling will come as a blow to Carphone which is using a similar approach to flog its new "free broadband forever" service. Following more than 40 complaints from members of the public, and just two from industry rivals (BT and Tiscali), these ads are now also under ASA investigation.

ISP Preview
TalkTalk reponse

Since running our story on Carphone Warehouse's (TalkTalk) restricting of certain popular online games (HERE), we have been inundated with complaints from beleaguered customers and decided to chase the ISP.

Carphone Warehouse's spokesperson stated to us: "In order to protect the internet experience of the majority of our customers, TalkTalk manages traffic in peak hours. We do this to protect the service quality for customers who are emailing, gaming and surfing by prioritising this over peer to peer traffic.

Pocket Lint
World of Warcraft gamers blocked on TalkTalk broadband

Customers of TalkTalk's broadband service are reporting issues playing online game World of Warcraft following a change the ISP made to its network at the end of April.

Alerted to the issue by a number of Pocket-lint's readers, it appears that since the 25 April, no World of Warcraft subscribers in the UK have been able to play the game on the Carphone Warehouse's service.

WoW forum on Talktalk problem


I'm with Talk Talk and i'm afraid they have blocked p2p traffic including WOW and FTPs. There have been many complaints and they say they are trying to fix it, but nothing has yet been done. We could be waiting Weeks if they ever do fix it, i advise u change ur isp i'm going to

And another:

Re: TALKTALK Broadband Problem again! Ppl Uni


An on-line forum for this kind of discussion about talk talk

EVE on-line suffering too


Dam, I am also having this trouble and have e-mailed tt about, I dont know if they are going to do anything, but I haven't been able to log onto eve for a week now and I am getting really annoyed. Are they just solving peoples cases individually or on their whole network.

My talktalk nightmare


WoW stops working. Lag is suddently 15000 or more.


I log a call with Talktalk after discovering that others on Talktalk are having same problems, and that I can play on another internet connection okay. I get an auto-response back.

Later: I have tried to call a few times and can't get through to anyone. In frustration I click the box to order the 8MB 'upgrade' on-line. This is at about noon. I hope it will help.


The 8MB thing has made no difference at all. I log another call and have tried to phone saveral times but can't get through to anyone.


I try to call Talktalk again, but can't get through. I want to cancel my 8MB order. I send an email to them via the website and say cancel this order and that I'll try and call tomorrow.


I call Talktalk and get through! I tell the customer service advise that I'd like to cancel an order I made on-line last week. It is within 7 days of the order and legally I can cancel any distance purchase within this period with no obligation. He tells me this is impossible, and he can't do it and it'll cost me £70 anyway. Argument follows. He says he'll call me back later.

I get an email later:

Thank you for your email.

Please accept my apologies for the delay in reply.

Talk Talk does not block peer to peer or any specific ports, however, as per our Terms and Conditions we do prioritise network traffic for regular users over peer to peer. Unfortunately we cannot advise of poor peer to peer performance as this can vary between different applications.

If you are finding ports are blocked or excessively slow on specific applications, please make a note of the Game/non P2P application and the ports which you believe are being restricted. If you then call us on the number below we can forward these details to be investigated.

If you need any more help, please email broadbandsupport@talktalk.co.uk or call our Broadband Support team on 0870 444 1820.


Just had a telpehone call with Talktalk. Review I foolishly selected to upgrade to the 8MB service, thinking it would fix the problem, but no, it doesn't. When I founf out this, I called them to cancel my upgrade (within 7 days). They now say I can't go back to my 1MB without going into another 12 month contract, and that they are going to charge me £70 deconnection fee for the 8MB contract as I have cancelled before 12 months!! I told them I didn't have to pay, as I had cancelled the order within 7 days of provision of service - the legal cooling off period. They sounded doubtful and said that I'd probably have to pay. So I told them I'd cancel my direct debts and fight them, which I have done, and am doing. Heartless, useless load of uncaring people, the lot of them...

This latest conversation went over the same gound and nothing was resolved. He said he would call me back...


Sent lengthy email to Talk talk with details of times and dates of what has happened and threatining DoFT, DTI, DTS, Ofcom etc letters.

Call from 'options' dept and a nice man who says there is no record of me ever calling, or cancelling anything with them! They still have me down as on the 8MB 12 month contract since 26th April... And no, he can't cancel it, sorry. I'm furious be what can I do? He says if he fixes my World of Warcarft problem will I consider staying with Talk Talk? I say maybe, but get him to write a full record of what I have done on my file and tell him again that as far as I'm concerned I have no contract with them and I have cancelled my direct debits.

'I'll get someone to call you.' He says.


An email quite late:

Dear Mr Ralph,

Thank you for your email.

Please accept my apologies for the delay in reply.

I have checked your account today and there is no evidence that we have blocked or are restricting any of your ports, can you please make a note of any ports blocked and let us know so we can have them removed.

If you need any more help, please email broadbandsupport@talktalk.co.uk or call our Broadband Support team on 0870 444 1820.


Digi, Level 60 Night Elf Warrior says:

Email me on [removed]@hotmail.co.uk and ill sort it out for you

So I did....


Still no call, no news, no emails. Talk talk are silent on the Warcraft issue despite the WoW forums being quite positive that a solution will be found soon!

I'm not so positive...

Later... WoW seems to be working after a 3 hr down period for Talktalk (direct IPs worked, but names weren't being resolved). Played for an hour okay. We'll see if it is the same tomorrow. No emails, no calls, just suddenly works... Hmmm...


Email from WoW

Thanks for your email. We’ve asked the question to our contacts at TalkTalk and they are putting together a response for us. So should have something posted tomorrow about what is happening.

Later: WoW still working with minimal lag for me, but no email, no calls, no news from Talktalk. I suppose they'll get in touch when my Direct Debit fails!


Another email from WoW


Our network team has been in contact with TalkTalk and we have informed them of the problem but unfortunately there is little we can do as it is external of Blizzards own networks. The best course of action seems to be to keep in contact about TalkTalk as according to the thread on the forums, there have been some cases of success with having the restrictions on TCP port 3724.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us further.

Best Regards

[name removed]

Technical Support

Blizzard Entertainment Europe



Email and phone call from Talktalk - they must have gotten over their backlog :)

Thank you for your email.

Please accept my apologies for the delay in reply.

A patch was applied on Thursday morning across the entire network so that the majority of WoW users will now be able to connect to WoW with no further issues at all.

I will contact you this afternoon with respect to the direct debits on your account.

If you need any more help, please email broadbandsupport@talktalk.co.uk or call our Broadband Support team on 0870 444 1820.

A phone call said the same thing later and they don't appear to be charging me for my failed direct debit.

So, in conclusion: The worst customer service I've ever had for an almost three week period followed by some minor apologies and a resolution.

31st May 2006

This drops through my inbox today:

Dear TalkTalk customer,

As one of our valued customers we would like to gain your views and feedback regarding the level of customer service you received when you recently contacted us.

Therefore we have asked eDigitalResearch, an independent research agency to gather opinions and feedback to help us improve our service and products for you.

This survey will only take a few minutes to complete. To view the survey just click on the link below:


(If the link above is not clickable, please copy and paste it into the Address bar of your web browser)

Thank you in advance for your feedback.

Kind regards,

Oh, thanks be to the powers above for the opportunity to vent my spleen at these people and their awful customer service. It seems to be more about telephone than internet, but hey, who cares?

2nd June 2006

Oh, and it keeps on coming...

Dear XXXX,

I'm writing to remind you that payment for the above account is now overdue...[...]

[...] payment methods suggested on the reverse of your bill.

If there is any reason for this delay, please contact our Credit Control Department on [...] and we will be happy to discuss it with you.

Your sincerely,[...]

What? After examing small print I see that there is actually a charge to 'upgrade' to Talk 3 plan of £30! And, what? I have to pay this like a normal bill with a cheque or something? They never even sent me a bill, and the back of the letter in question was in fact blank!

I called Credit Control and spoke to a nice man called Lyle whom I raised these points with. He was nice but basically said that he couldn't help that I was unhappy, or that I hadn't had a bill, and couldn't give me more time to pay it, or stop anyone sending me more letters or phoning me until I do so.

So, then, I ask, angrily, what is the bloody point of calling you at all?

I ask him to send me another bill, rather rudely, and hang up.

After this I think, why didn't they just take it on my direct debit anyway? Fools.

To be sure of getting some resolution, I log a call with all the details through the web site. I'm now waiting.

8th June 2006

An email from them in the morning:

Dear Mr XXX

Thank you for your email

Sorry for the delay in responding to your email

The Carphone Warehouse pride ourselves on excellent customer service and in this instance we have certainly not provided this to you. I am sorry for the upset and inconvenience caused.

Yes the one off connection charge is for one of our engineers to go out to your property and install our own TalkTalk equipment up in your local exchange. This information is stated on our website at www.talktalk.co.uk and on the Terms and Conditions of TalkTalk's contract.

When I accessed your account I can see the payment was invoiced out to you on the 10/5/06, and you Direct Debit was enforce on the 18/5/06. Therefore their was not enough time to take this payment. Please rest assured your next billing date will be the 14/6/06 and we will take the outstanding amount of £29.99 then.

I hope this is of assistance to you.

If you have any further questions, please contact our customer service team on 0870 444 1820, who will be more than happy to assist you further.

Kind Regards

TalkTalk Correspondence Team

Then a letter in the afternoon:

Dear Mr XXX,

Overdue Balance. £29.99

I am writing to remind you that payment for the above account is overdue. Despite our previous request for payment, the above balance remains unpaid. This letter is notification of our intention to place a restriction on your service until the above balance is paid.


Yours sincerely,

Simon Rawlings,

Head of Credit Control,

The Carphone Warehouse Limited

Joy of joys. This keeps getting better...

Later in June

I never updated this, but it was a real joke in the end, but not a funny one. I called credit control and told them the situation (again) and they said it was fine, I didn't need to do anything, and we left it at that.

So, then, I got another letter about a week after this telling me that me details were being passed to a debt collection agency as I hadn't paid my bill and had plenty of warning!

Sighing deeply, and with rising anger, I called them again. I actually got an apology this time and they told me that the letter had been sent in error (again) and that really, I had nothing to worry about as the amount had been paid according to their records...


8th August 2006

Phone rings, I pick it up.

Whiiiiirrrr, click, whirrrl, click click...

Heavily accented Indian accent spoken from afar: "Hello, can I speak to Mr... " (pause, some paper is moved about, throat is cleared) "...my-name-slurred?"

Me: (Suspicious) "Can I ask who is calling please?"

"This is Rita from TalkTalk."

"Hello Rita, yes, that's me."

"Oh, hello, I see that you sent us an email a while ago. I want to know if you are okay now?"

"What is the email about? I've had a few problems with TalkTalk, it could be any one of a number of different things."

"Err... I don't have the email in front of me, but are you okay?"

"I'm okay, but not very happy."

"Oh great, thanks very much Mr, " (pause, some paper is moved about, throat is cleared) "...my-name-slurred."

Click. End of call.

Comment Talk Talk comment by Anon Hits | Last Modified 2007-05-17
My talktalk nightmare02-May-06 - I work @ Talk Talk and sent you that email!As stated on the WoW forums, please go on to ...
Comment Talk Talk comment by Ralpharama Hits | Last Modified 2007-05-17
Sorry, comment cut off by my not-quite-complete website CMS system!

The advice in the comment was 'have patience'.

... Hmm, it's been 2 weeks now. How patient should I be ??
Comment Talk Talk comment by Anon Hits | Last Modified 2007-05-17
2 Weeks Seriously?
Is that since you forwarded the details requested and got an acknowledgement back? Or since the issues started?
Comment Talk Talk comment by Ralpharama Hits | Last Modified 2007-05-17
I sent on 25th April this:

"...The general speed thing I'm not sure about, but as for the others, are you blocking / restricting traffic to any ports? As various applications I use do require many different ports (such as TCP 3724..."

Got an auto-response right away and then nothing until 2nd May when I got:

"If you are finding ports are blocked or excessively slow on specific applications, please make a note of the Game/non P2P application and the ports which you believe are being restricted. If you then call us on the number below we can forward these details to be investigated."

And so on... I also called during this period and logged another call explicity stating 3724!

So, imagine my surpise when I get the email on 5th May saying:

"I have checked your account today and there is no evidence that we have blocked or are restricting any of your ports, can you please make a note of any ports blocked and let us know so we can have them removed."

Comment Talk Talk comment by Anon Hits | Last Modified 2007-05-17
Just a note to say .. yes .. you will be informed when your direct debit fails, an automatic letter will be sent to you and if you let two direct debits fail, the automatic system will then bar your account temporarily.

Just a note - The issue is being dealt with, and most people are having their services unrestricted within a week tops of the details being submitted. - If you are unfortunate to have somebody on the phone tell you that there's nothing they can do or suggest speed test etc issues please just ask them to check their inbox - They should have had several emails.Most likely somebody who's been afk for a few days and too lazy to check the latest news.
Comment Talk Talk comment by Ralpharama Hits | Last Modified 2007-05-17
Direct debits. *sigh* I told two different people that I had cancelled my direct debits, both from customer services. And I logged a call with support via the site to tell that that I had done this, and to contact me to discuss it. This is all more than a week ago. Now I'm sure that the first I'll hear of it again is a an automated letter telling me how much they are going to charge me it. Talktalk are big on promises and small on action. I even tried to update my direct debit info on-line, but the page just seems to refresh and not say anything or change. I'm sick of trying to call and wasting 15 of my lunch hour without getting a reply. Bad, bad, bad.
Comment Talk Talk comment by Anon Hits | Last Modified 2007-05-17
Just send a reply to your last TT email and ask for your DD's to be reinstated. Be sure to include your account info as well (Name, Address Inc Postcode, Tel No & Bank Name) and it should get actioned within 5 days or sooner.

Tip: Email reply = quicker than through site.
Hope all is okay otherwise!
Comment Talk Talk comment by Ralpharama Hits | Last Modified 2007-05-17
Thanks for returning to offer advice, it is appreciated.
Comment Talk Talk comment by TakeTake Hits | Last Modified 2007-05-17

Dear Charlie,

We get told during induction training how great this company is and how employees are treated well. We’ve heard from our 'board' many times, of how awful Phones4U are, how they treat their employees terribly, how they demand so much and how they treat their customers with such contempt. Just look around Mr Dunstone because it’s all happening here!

A number of employees have now contacted a union and are now urging our colleagues to join. The Communication Workers Union (CWU) is a highly effective union and focuses on the communications industry of which Carphone Warehouse is a part. Colleagues should join forces under the union and let CWU officially represent the workforce in dealing with management. We can only benefit from getting better fairer working conditions, fairer realistic targets, fairer bonus schemes, better health and safety practice, and in some cases coming in line with regulations that are not even bothered with!

Getting busy due to launching Free Broadband deals should not be an excuse for management to become unreasonable and over demanding. It’s okay admitting there is a need for upping staff and that this is ‘ongoing’, but knowing this to be the issue and then turn around and increase workload for existing staff – being stricter on targets and threatening disciplinaries is ridiculous!

Instore Staff had mobiles as their area of expertise and now deal with TalkTalk Landline and Broadband. Contact Centre Staff have silly call targets, how can they adhere to a scheduled break and lunch times when it’s unrealistic to control how long a customer is going to spend wanting help or fixing a problem… for the same reason how is it realistic to expect 3-6 minute calls and getting at least 10 calls an hour considering the nature of customers and the amount of problems this company creates of its own back! Besides what would a customer with his 20 questions think, if we told him “manager says we’ve only got 5 minutes!” – not much ‘First Contact Delight’ is there Charles? (Sorry, did we just here you scratching off those Five Fundamentals with your finger nails?)

Is it fair to lose out on bonus payments because they spent a little more time with our customers or did not take a ‘scheduled’ break on time because they were talking to a customer who had a problem created by the company!

Back to those scheduled breaks, why can’t Contact Centre Staff have more say over when we take them as recommended for Display Screen users or to take 5 mins every hour or 15 mins every two hours… since it can go up to 3 hours or more without a break according to the BP ‘schedule’. In fact why is there no consultation arrangement with staff on any health and safety issue (since it’s the law)?

It’s not surprising after all this (which is just the tip of the iceberg mind) that the HR Director in Warrington is avoiding talks with the Communication Workers Union.

Our glossy Staff Handbooks says the Five Fundamentals apply when we deal with each other too. So just to make it clear Charles this is not the way we would like to be treated. When it was boasted about how great this company is and the way it treats employees it was actually an over promise and under deliver. It’s looking more and more like you’re losing the argument, because if you’re not looking after us the Communication Workers Union will.

“CCCRRAASHH!!!” (That was just Charles taking a sledge hammer to the 5 Fundamentals…)

TakeTake Website http://TakeTake.5u.com
Complete With A New Forum Set Up For Staff!!!

For Communications & Coordination Of Our Efforts Send An E-Mail To:

Use your own (not works) E-mail address.

Hopefully we will get some Give’n’Take from Charlie and his Mobile Factory
Comment Talk Talk comment by Big Bad TT Luva!! Hits | Last Modified 2007-05-17
What i cant understand is you say "Talk Talk have a 'fair usage' policy which reults in (all?) p2p traffic being capped without warning (in my case) except during the hours of midight to 8am" then in the same paragraph you say "I only found this out through forums and then reading smallprint of talk talk's website" so therefore talktalk did warn you, you just failed to see it. An what you doin playin world of warcraft anyways your about 30 summert....When was the last time you got some pussy?? LOOSER!!
Comment Talk Talk comment by Ralpharama Hits | Last Modified 2007-05-17
"What i cant understand is you say "Talk Talk have a 'fair usage' policy which reults in (all?) p2p traffic being capped without warning (in my case) except during the hours of midight to 8am" then in the same paragraph you say "I only found this out through forums and then reading smallprint of talk talk's website" so therefore talktalk did warn you, you just failed to see it. An what you doin playin world of warcraft anyways your about 30 summert....When was the last time you got some pussy?? LOOSER!!"

Hmm, well, Warcraft isn't actually a p2p application, so shouldn't have been hit by the fair usage anyway. As for the insults, well, gosh, you've made me all sad and reflective. And you spelt loser wrong. Loser.

Any why do you care so much anyway? This isn't an advert for Talk talk, quite opposite, and WoW isn't p2p whatever you might think, and it actually uses a very small amount of bandwidth. I don't want to argue with you, I can see you are upset about this for some reason.
Comment Talk Talk comment by Lesley Hits | Last Modified 2007-05-17
The worst possible nightmare customer service EVER!! I have been cslling, emailing and getting friends to email too since 30th March 2006 to originally get my telephone and Broadband from TalkTalk. As yet nothing apart from a bill for over £47. They do not provide calls or Broadband and I have never had a modem or disc to install. They dont answer my calls and each time I try to get through to the cancellation number the 'phone cuts off. I have sent several emails trying to cancel but they ignore it. Worst ever service I have witnessed.
Comment Talk Talk comment by Andy Hits | Last Modified 2007-05-17
I have had talktalk for 18 months or so and they are a complete nightmare.

I have been trying to cancel for 2 weeks now amd everytime I get to an advisor - advisor in inverted comments, as soon as I mention the cancel word I am put on hold, the line goes dead or I am transferred to another department that says they can’t help.

I have e-mailed them several times - no response, I have added comments in their contacts us section of their website - again no response.

I have even tried faxing them only to find that the number supplied is a phone and not a fax machine at all.

I am at my wits end, I have now written to them and sent it via registered mail.

I am amazed that in this day and age they are allowed to get away withthis, they are shambolic.

Besides this the service is appalling, the broadband connection regularly trips out and has to redial, the mail box excludes anything above 5Mb which halts photos etc. Games, P2P, Voip, you can forget and if you are banking its very hit and miss.

Talk talk - try walk walk as far away from these clowns as possible.
Comment Talk Talk comment by Walkerx Hits | Last Modified 2007-05-17
I agree they are a bunch of cowboys

I signed up in may - got phone in june - couldn't dial out for over a week, they sort my voicemail after 6 weeks, and now they causing me problems with my boradband - was supposed to go live at beginning of august so phoned them to find out why not done, they say it was rejected as i already had broadband, told them thats why i gave them my mac code, tried to cancel but wanted to charge me £70 and finally promised to get it running for me today, still no broadband via them - called again and they said its been rejected again and must get another mac code. contacted offcomm but they can't do anything and they say they are within their rights to charge £70 cancellation fee - in my books this stinks if you sign up for a service they say they can provide but then can't by their own bodgeups then surely i shouldn't have to pay to leave

as i said they are a bunch of cowboys - stay well clear
Comment Talk Talk comment by Walkerx Hits | Last Modified 2007-05-17
An update for you all - ok even though had broadband with onetel for 6 months, and before that with F9 for 3 years, according to talk-talk I can't have broadband even though I've supplied my mackey to them, and both my neighbours have been connected to them. So under their own terms and conditions (Section 11:13) they have been unable to supply the service, so I have cancelled my contract with them without any cost to myself. I have also cancelled both direct debits to them one for the landline and the second for the broadband activation.

So yes you can get out of their contract without any cost to you if they are in breach of it....
Comment Talk Talk comment by MC Hits | Last Modified 2007-05-17
Here's an e-mail that I sent to TalkTalk Customer Services on Monday 7 August (copied to CEO Charlie Dunstone!). Only one working day to go until they fail to fulfil their contractual obligations to me, and then I'll probably go back to BT for phone and broadband. It may be more expensive but at least they understand the importance of communicating with customers. Sorry it's so long, but worth a read as I'm sure it reflects problems that others are having with this bunch of cowboys!

"Still no response to my previous messages to TalkTalk Customer Services in the last two weeks (no surprise, unfortunately!) Two messages were sent using the TalkTalk online service and the other being the e-mail sent last Wednesday 2 August (see at the end of this message).
Since I sent that message, I have received further confirmation of just how appalling the customer service at TalkTalk has become in recent weeks. I finally got through on your Customer Services number last Thursday 3rd August, after 4 days of trying involving dozens of calls. I spoke to a customer services adviser based somewhere on the Indian sub-continent who took an inordinately long time to get to grips with my issues and constantly put me on hold to speak to a supervisor.
When I demanded information on when my Broadband connection would ever be upgraded to meet the minimum 2Mbps available at my local exchange, he chose to simply lie to me and told me to call 0800 049 0049, where someone would talk me through the process of upgrading my Broadband connection on my PC. As I discovered when I called, this number was simply the Carphone Warehouse general enquiries number. To say that I was furious with having been lied to in this fashion is an understatement! I want some action taken against this employee and I want it confirmed to me that action has been taken.
Later on Thursday 3rd August, I called TalkTalk Customer Services again and finally got through after about 6 attempts to an adviser called Praneeta. I made it plain that I did not want to be transferred to anybody else as I had no confidence in the ability of TalkTalk to do that professionally, given my earlier experience,. After being put on hold many times, Praneeta eventually gave me the information that I have been seeking for the last few weeks, although it remains to be seen if I have actualy been given truthful and accurate information or if I have simply been lied to again. I asked that a note be put on my account confirming what she had told me.
Praneeta guaranteed that my current Broadband connection would be upgraded at the local exchange within 5 working days. Today is Monday 7th August which is the second working day since I was given that guarantee, That means that unless my Broadband is at least 2Mbps connection speed by close of business on Thursday, I will deem Talk Talk to be in breach of contract and I will take steps to find a reliable supplier of both Broadband and telephone service.
In the meantime, I would like a refund of my first £10 fee for my new Broadband service which I have not yet received despite it being paid to TalkTalk on 20th July by Direct Debit along with my £29.99 connection fee. Page 2 of my online order confirmation on 10 July says "Your Broadband service should activate now". If the latest information that I was given by Praneeta is correct, it will be 10th August when I receive what I ordered and paid for in terms of Broadband on 10 July, i.e a full month will have elapsed with no high speed Broadband service.
Finally, I am immensely disappointed in the service I have received from TalkTalk in the last few months. I have encouraged many people to sign up to TalkTalk since June 2004, but I am now appalled at how poor my experience has become recently. You have a chance to put things right and I hope you take it. I look forward to:
1) My Broadband connection finally achieving the minimum 2Mbps standard by Thursday 10 August.
2) A refund of my £10 High Speed Broadband fee for a service which I have not yet received.

I hope that I get at least the courtesy of a response this time. I can be called on *** during office hours.

Comment Talk Talk comment by Ralpharama Hits | Last Modified 2007-05-17
I noticed that my speed crept up to 2.2MB a couple of days ago, which is nice. Still doesn't make up for the shoddy customer service though.
Comment Talk Talk comment by Ray Hits | Last Modified 2007-05-17
What a load of rubbish. Worst thing I did was change service providers. Isn't it funny how you can download from talktalk at a reasonable speed but not from other sites! Does anyone know what the cost to cancel after one month of frustration is? I'm not up to wading through 18 pages of small print.
Comment Talk Talk comment by Jon Hits | Last Modified 2007-05-17
As I understand it-

it is in the terms that if service is not provided for over 28 days, you have the right to cancel the contract

otherwise, (TTinternational3+broadband) it is the lowest of outstanding minimum rental period (ie if £20/m with 2 months to go, that would be 2x£20=£40) OR £70.

no mac code? according to Oftel, if you cancel (as opposed to migrating to someone else) and you are unable to start with someone else because the line is being hogged (by TT), you can asked Oftel (online) to un-hog it.

btw, you can't migrate without a mac code - there is NOTHING the other ISP can do to help :-(
Comment Talk Talk comment by Ray Hits | Last Modified 2007-05-17
Thanks for that info Jon. £70 eh, still seems like a bargain to get the phone working properly again. Today (Sat) the phone is off again for the 3rd time in a month and of course no painfully slow (broad?)band connection. Ntl have continued my broadband cable connection for me so I can still get emails out. I would like to phone Talktalk to complain but of course.......
Comment Talk Talk comment by Andy Watson Hits | Last Modified 2007-05-17
At least you have some sort of broadband, i have been waiting since June to get it sorted out but due to some sort of "incompatible ISDN line" they cant put a marker on my account to setup broadband. first i was informed to stay in a certain day for the install guy to come round an sort out broadband so i took the day off work and no one turned up. A phone call later (after waiting 35 mins) revealed that in fact no one comes round and i was misinformed and to top it all off i lost a day’s wages!!! grrrrr (thanks talk talk). then i rang up again and they said they were checking line as it came back with an error for broadband but now it was ok and then 2 weeks later i got a letter saying incompatible isdn line i need to get in touch with BT which i did and spoke to a nice human being on their support line (you hear that talk talk!) who said its talk talks job to sort it all out and if you look on the Ofcom website it states its talk talks responsibility to get the marked sorted out.

I had more phone calls to India saying its their job but they said its my job and i ended up ringing tiscali to get the marker removed (old provider).
a week later i received another email saying they cannot sort broadband due to "incompatible isdn line" (man i am getting tired of hearing that) so i rung them up to inform them i had spoke to tiscali and it should be removed so they have tried to get it sorted out again and i have got to wait another 2 weeks before i ether get my welcome pack or another letter saying "incompatible isdn line". And in any case if i get another letter back i will have to live with the fact i won't ever get my broadband from talk talk. :(

Did i also mention?

I have had around 10 calls to there utterly pathetic support team/numbers but always end up waiting or getting my call hung up on or end up speaking to some indian person who doesn't know there arse from there elbow.

Have i mentioned they tried to charge me for a call made to an international number when they are meant to be free and i put in the free code. They refunded my account non the less. Muppets!!

Or how about when i tried to cancel and some shirty scouse woman said it will be £70 to cancel and she asked why and i explained all my issues and "lack of service" i am paying for and it would be a break in our contract and she just laughed at me and hung up.

Talk Talk are a joke and if i knew now what i know i would of gone elsewhere.
Its a real shame really because they are very cheap and i do use international calls for free and save loads of money but they need to sort out their broadband system/speed issues etc and get their support team up to par before they can call themselves worthy of being voted best of anything in the future!

PS: If i ever get my broadband sorted out i can't wait for the crappy service that people here have been experiencing!! lol (i shouldn't laugh but if i didn't i would cry!) :(
Comment Talk Talk comment by JohnF Hits | Last Modified 2007-05-17
After just one month of this joke of a company I'm sick of it already. I'm annoyed with myself for being suckered in by it all and I'll now make it my lifes ambition to make sure I can divert as many people away from these muppets as possible.

Customer service? I believe the clue is in the statement, as in SERVICE to a CUSTOMER.

We're continually told how they got swamped by demand for their offer. Strange? They obviously had a number in mind when they made these offers but continued to allow people to sign up way, way after that number was reached. And then they want to use it as an excuse for crap service? Go figure Mr Dunstone.
Comment Talk Talk comment by Watersign Hits | Last Modified 2007-05-17
This is the shittiest service I have experienced ever!!! I booked Talk Talk plan 3 in JUNE 06 which enable anytime calls and free broadband. The broadband was supposed to start from Aug 11th. I have tried every kind of connection possible as told be the Level 1 team and it hasn’t worked. Around 13th August – I got them to lodge a ticket for level 2 to call me and they haven’t called me since then. I have called repeated number of times and always I reach the level 1 team which are USELESS. The 0871 number which charges 10p/min again reaches to Level1 or some technical support team which are equally PAIN in the ASS. The guy I spoke to didn’t let me speak to the supervisor neither gave his ID. All I was told is that it might take upto 11 days for Level 2 to call!

I am so frustrated with this service (which never started) that I am going to cancel it today. HATE Talk Talk – what a nightmare!!!!
Comment Talk Talk comment by JohnF Hits | Last Modified 2007-05-17
A result! One day after I e-mailed Charles Dunstone I get reply from one of this "colleagues" giving me both a MAC code and a waiver of my "cancellation" fee of £70! Such a shame I had to work so hard to get it. Tiscali here I come!
Comment Talk Talk comment by Victoria Hits | Last Modified 2007-05-17
Thank you for this useful info. was just about to order Talk Talk. Wow I have changed my mind ...many thanks
Comment Talk Talk comment by John Hits | Last Modified 2007-05-17
I agree with everything that has been said above. I would be ashamed to be associated with this sorry excuse for a company. Their "customer service" is non existant, and when you do get information it turns out to be lies. Have been awaiting broadband connection since 8th August, after placing the order in May, and having problems with Tiscali in getting them to remove the marker - but thats another story!I have tried their Contact Us mail from their site - still awaiting a reply to any of them. Tried emailing the CEO - at least I got an autometed reply but nothing else. I have been promised connections in 24 hours, 48 hours, 5 days, 10 days, 15 days, but still waiting. What is really frustrating is that no one will tell the truth, if they can't connect me for a month I would rather know than to have to be kept in the dark and not knowing what is happening. If you are thinking of taking up their bundled off - DO NOT GO THERE - believe me it is better to pay a bit extra for a good service provider.
Comment Talk Talk comment by Volkan Hits | Last Modified 2007-05-17
id like to bloody well know when i get off this SHITTY 1mbit line -.-
i signed up in like may got connected june the 2nd since then ive been waiting for my damn 8mbit and yet im still on a 1mbit.
this takes the piss to the highest levels.
i live in london not in some rural town where i grow corn and raise chickens for their eggs.
i should have stuck with Telewest
cable internet is just the best. its unquestionable full speed all the time 24/7 no crappy logins, never EVER does it drop in speed no matter how many people in the area are using their connections too.
it just rocks.
i hope ofcom screws these guys with a 10ft pole thats rusty and covered in aids.
Comment Talk Talk comment by Mart Hits | Last Modified 2007-05-17
hi got out of my contract today with talktalk. i was getting 2meg bb from them when the contract started in jan 06 i was told as speeds became faster i would get an free upgrade i found out yesterday that i could get 8 meg bb for the last 4 months so i rang them up and told them this they said if i start an new contract with them i would get the 8meg i told them i did not wont a new contract as i cant wait for my old one to finish to get away from them . i told her that in the contract it said as faster bb came on my line i would get a free up grade but i never got it to cut a long story short after 2 hours on the phone she said that i was miss sold my bb and did not have to pay the £70 charge so if there is anyone who is paying for the £17.99 2meg bb to do an check to see how fast your line is and if the case is the same as me you will be able to get out GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL
Comment Talk Talk comment by carphonekiller Hits | Last Modified 2007-05-17
Try what I did - it worked.Visit your nearest Carphone Warehouse shop,during a busy period,say saturday morning? ask for the manager and when he turns up start complaining in the loudest and most demonstrative way you can.My phone and broadband were sorted by him in 10 minutes and 2 phonecalls.
Service is still crap though!
Comment Talk Talk comment by Ralpharama Hits | Last Modified 2007-05-17
God, I hate this company. I'm moving house to I call them to ask if I can transfer my account to a new address. Ah, I'm told, not easy that, it will take a month. A Month? I splutter. Easier, says the TT Man, to start a new contact at the new address, that only takes 1 week. And, So say I, suspicious, that ties me into another 18 month contract eh? Yes, it does, he says. Fine, cancel everything, I say. Right, he says, I'll transfer you to a special team to help you with that, please be aware that there might be a queue. Fine, I say. A queue? There is, as he bloody disconnects me and I have to start the whole process again. This time I'm transferred (after 15 mins waiting) straight to the handle-the-leavers dept. Disconnect everything, I say. Okay, everything will be disconnected with 24 - 48 hours, she says, sweetly. Not now, I tell her, in a week. Ah, sorry, you'll have to call back in a week then, and I'll disconnect you then. What? I splutter again, you can't just make a record of it, send me a final bill, that sort of thing? No, she says. God, I hate this company. At least I'll be free of them soon. Take my advice, never, ever sign up with these losers - if something sounds too good to be true, etc.
Comment Talk Talk comment by BasketCase Hits | Last Modified 2007-05-17
Was with Cowbag Whorehouse since April til September. Average monthly bill= 45. Promised bb at end of june. Arrived beg of September AFTER I cancelled the order. Tried to go back to BT but that BLOODY MAC ISSUE and the line hogging thing turned me into a gibbering wreck. One day i was on hold for 6 hrs solid. Day before = 5 hrs. Tried to cancel. They wouldnt let me. In the end we paid 125 for BT to install another line. CPW are still billing me. WATCHDOG tonight. Im sure they are on it. If not tonight, they soon will be...ive spoken to one of BBC's researchers. I hope they put Chuckie Dunstone in the same institution as i am in now. I look forward to meeting him. *cracks knuckles
Comment Talk Talk comment by tracey Hits | Last Modified 2007-05-17
Please can someone give me Charles Dunstones email??? Im really frustrated with this Talk Talk. Fed up of being promised a go live date and nothing turns up. Disgusted in it.
Comment Talk Talk comment by Ralpharama Hits | Last Modified 2007-05-17
Try this: http://www.oliverbrown.me.uk/2006/08/02/charles-dunstones-email-address/
Comment Talk Talk comment by p.giles Hits | Last Modified 2007-05-17
i am at aloos as my land line keeps going off every time i get in touch with talk talk or onetel (same number) they say i'm not registererd with them but they are kaking my direct debit ,
every email i send comes back i am at my whits end
Comment Talk Talk comment by Ralpharama Hits | Last Modified 2007-05-17
I always find that cancelling your direct debit (which you have every right to do) gets their attention, and you'll soon have a phoen call from them! I would also put it in writing explaing what you are doing and why and sent it special delivery so they have to sign for it.
Comment Talk Talk comment by Ralpharama Hits | Last Modified 2007-05-17
My wife called tt to cancel my broadband today, as I was busy. I expected endless trouble, but after 20 mins, she returned and said it was all sorted..

Really? I ask, How much are they going to charge us for breaking the contract?

Nothing, she says, they are even going to credite the final month's charge back to us as a gesture of goodwill.

I suppose they have actually read my lengthy file and started to feel guilty? Anyway, so it ends on a high note. I'm now with BT on their most expensive, hard-core option, and happy...

Sorry Talktalk, you started well, but your customer service let you down time and time again...
Comment Talk Talk comment by Anon Hits | Last Modified 2007-05-17
I am also very angry with Talk Talk. So angry in fact, I've set up a dedicated online forum at talktalk.hostyourself.net so that people like us have the ability voice our disgust.

I only configured the forum yesterday and would appreciate any help you could give me. It would be fantastic if you could share your Talk Talk experience on there for others to see.

Thanks in advance,
Comment Talk Talk comment by Alex J Hits | Last Modified 2007-05-17
well, this seems to be a board for slanting them, but i have read everything and actually have to throw in my own, more positive experience.

I signed up on the 25th of September, and was told i'd have to wait until the end of October before my 8MB was activated, this was understandable as i knew there was huge demand for such a service, but it was none the less anxiety-invoking to know i'd have to wait so long for something i wanted to badly.

/Then!/ to my complete shock and surprise, i wake up one 2nd of October morning to find a broadband modem and start-up pack on my doormat ("Oh My God!").

i did have a little problem though, they sent me a password that didn't work, and had to call up and request a new one (the system for some reason didn't recognise my phone number so the password-retrieval phone service didn't work)

but none the less, it was active within days of placing an order. then October 10th, my TalkTalk 3 International phone service is active, huzzah!
The ADSL is excellent too, very efficient, as is the modem.

I am one very satisfied TalkTalk customer

also, i never really had that much trouble getting through to customer services, but i must admit, they need a new god damn hold-tune D: it's mind numbing. and the automated woman voice needs to die.

they really need cannon fodder of a different nationality, no offence, i just can't understand a lot of the Indian guys, they are for the most part helpful, but today i called up to ask what ports they blocked, and he was like "Ports? USB or Ethernet!" so eh ~shrugs~ i'm just terribly glad everything went so smoothly for me, for once in my life i had an easier time than anyone else.

They're not all bad. ~touch wood~
Comment Talk Talk comment by K El-Bendary Hits | Last Modified 2007-05-17
I made the same mistake like every one else and signed up to Talk Talk, my phone bill was at lease one third higher than my usual 11 rears BT despite my wife and the kids being on holiday for 5 week, never mind the money. Broadband the biggest jock I ever heard speed about 2.2mb wow (I'm to far from the exchange they say).
Never worked between 6and 9pm at long last they disconnected my line for no reasons, (It was the best thing they ever did to me) We had no telephone line for two weeks and obviously internet, thanks to BT the connected us within a week.
Now I'm back on track Bt line sky broadband which is the best I ever had with a speed around 6mb great service.
Comment Talk Talk comment by Pointer Hits | Last Modified 2007-05-17
I have had problems with E-mal whereby I can't send, only receive. I've tried the usual remedies suggested, all to no avail including IP addresses etc. My son living 150 miles away has the same problems but he can't understand why, and he is computer literate ! Can anyone help ?
Comment Talk Talk comment by Dave Brooks Hits | Last Modified 2007-05-17
I cancelled my service with Talk Talk in January of this year and went back to BT.

I got the final bills from Talk Talk, which were wrong, and after lots of calls and emails we agreed on what was to be paid. This was done the cheque cashed. Then in March of this year I got a letter from a Debt Recovery Agency stating that if I did not pay the outstanding amount the Bailiffs would be coming round.

I spoke to Talk Talk who confirmed it was a mistake, my account was closed and I owed nothing.

Been very quite since until yesterday. I got home from work and I had received a Creditors Notice from Corporate Credit Media on behalf of Carphone Warehouse for and outstanding amount of 17.98. It was dated 15/1/2006 giving me 7 days to pay or face County Court judgement. It stated that it may affect my ability to get credit in the future.

I spoke to Corporate Credit Media and they put it on hold for 2 weeks. I spoke to Talk Talk and they said they cannot understand why the letter was sent as I owed noting. In fact they said I was in credit by 1.16. I asked them to confirm this via email which they agreed. However I still have no email confirmation.

Tried to contact Talk Talk again this morning and ended up calling Cape Town or India. When I asked could they transfer me to the UK office as I wished to speak with a Director of the company they said they had no contact details for the UK

I eventually got to speak with Talk Talk again this morning to be told it was all sorted and that it was not even my account. I spoke again to Corporate Credit Media who tell me they have not spoke to Talk Talk this morning although Talk Talk say they have.

I am still not sure where this is up to and you cannot get to speak to anyone who can sort this problem out.

Having never owed anyone anything and always paid my way in way I find the letters harassment and deformation of character. .

I can give more detail if you so wish it. When is this company going to be stopped.
Comment Talk Talk comment by MARCELO Hits | Last Modified 2007-05-17
Comment Talk Talk comment by T.D. Hits | Last Modified 2007-07-04
If your thinking of changing to talktalk,DO NOT, you will regretit, beleive me, I waited four and ahalf months for broadband connection, and after going "live", I have had nothing but problems, computer disconnects in the middle of any task, and their technical dept. have screwed up my computer totally, I have now had to pay a computer engineer to fix everything [cost a bomb], and he warned me not to contact them again as they do not know what they are doing. 8mb!! you will not get a quarter of this. 1.6mb is all I get. Be Warned, look for another provider, I will leave talktalk at the first opportunity.
Comment Talk Talk comment by RM Hits | Last Modified 2007-10-16
I moved to TT almost a month ago. The phone service is crap and all the claims made during the sales call have not been fulfilled. They leave a lot to be desired. The boardband is average at best, I only use it for a bit of surfing etc. so is ok for me. Although have to say their DNS / Proxy does mess things up.
Comment Talk Talk comment by Roy Barratt Hits | Last Modified 2007-10-22
I've just stumbled on this site and thank goodness I've suddenly discovered that I am not alone in suffering from very poor Talk Talk customer service. There's no point in listing all my problems and the lack of a response from Talk Talk because it's all been said several times above.
Comment Talk Talk comment by FacialTurd Hits | Last Modified 2007-11-08
Yes, it is talktalk thats up its own arse
I used to have Orange Broadband, fine, i had my own wireless router and everything was perfect
My Mother decided to get one of talktalks shitty cheap deals (no idea why) and i notice the change immediately, i can't play on xbox live because of huge amounts of lag, caused by a poor upload speed
and High Average PING and my routers ADSL light starts flashing every now and again and disconnects. TalkTalk lied to me about P2P
Comment Talk Talk comment by D15funkt1on Hits | Last Modified 2008-01-17
I have had intermittant problems with TT Broadband since the activation date, problem is not speed (thankfully) or customer service (because after a few phone calls where they tried to tell me it was my machine and not the service i just stopped calling them)

The problem is that the service just disconnects at random and reassigns my IP address, after searching on various sites and through personal trial and error I have found a semi decent work around that might help people with the same problem. The problem seems to be when you get assigned an IP address beginning 89.xxx.xxx.xxx after looking into it a little it seems that these IP addresses suffer a DOS attack from somewhere. if your connection drops and doesnt come up for a while then:

1) type into the address bar of your internet browser.
2) log in (UN: admin PW: admin... unless you changed it)
3) click on the "Tools" link
4) click on the "Diagnostics" link in the sub menu
5) click the "edit" button next to "DSL line Diagnostics"
6) click the "Reset DSL line" button
7) wait 5 mins... all should work.

hope that helps

(also quicker way of acheiving the same thing... go to your router and unplug it from the mains then turn it back on... will do exactly the same thing just involves you moving to wherever the router is in your house)

Comment Talk Talk comment by Mike Hits | Last Modified 2008-04-03
I also have WoW and i was a happy 70 mage who hardly every died until i switched ISP's to TalkTalk reading the threads above i see that they are not going to do anything to resolve the problem unless there is anything any of you can do to help me
Comment Talk Talk comment by Jordan Retro 10 Hits | Last Modified 2010-08-26
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