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This is a Visual Basic puzzle game I wrote back in the year 1998. It seems to run okay on Win XP, not sure about anything else. I'm releasing it as freeware! Enjoy!

Download the zip here

Read the README.txt file.

Run the SBOOM.EXE file to play the game. Feel free to scan it for viruses etc, you can even look through the Visual Basic project files to check the code if you like. It is 100% virus and malicious code free though.

ShantiBoom Game Screenshot 2

ShantiBoom Game Screenshot 1

It's a classic collect keys, blow up walls, avoid monsters game. There are about 20 levels. You can control which level to play with the little arrows on the title page. Collect the correct number of diamonds to escape through the exit.

Use the arrow keys, or the mouse to move.

There is also a level editor, though I don't remember how that works exactly ;) run shanti.exe to start it.

I wrote this game when I worked as a Tech Support person for a company in south London - I had some time on my hands ;) and Visual Basic was the only bit of software I could install on the PC at the time with any justification.

Released as Freeware into the Public Domain - however, if you use or host the game anywhere, an attribution and a link back to this page or website would be much appreciated.

Technical: Made in Visual Basic 5.0, all source code is included in the zip

Hints: Yes, level 6 is possible ;)

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