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Damson Gin

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Another 1960s recipe for Damson Gin this time, though it is probably older than that. Requires 1lb damsons, 3oz sugar, 1 bottle of gin, makes 2 bottles of damson gin. Takes about 3 months.


1 lb damsons
3 oz sugar
1 bottle gin

Wash, dry and remove the stones from the damsons. Place in a kilner jar, or into two old gin bottles. Add sugar, pour over the gin.

Seal tightly. Leave in a cool, dark place for 3 months, shaking once or twice a week.

Strain and squeeze gin into another jar / bottles. Leave for a week or two without shaking until sediment settles.

Pour or siphon carefully into two bottles, leaving the sediment behind. Fill bottles to within inch of the top with boiled water that has cooled. Cork or seal well and put aside for 1 month before use.

Notes: You can reduce 3 months to 2 months if you are in a hurry for xmas :)

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