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Seaweed Soup

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This is a quick, basic, tasty and easy soup that I often make on a lunchtime. You can have it as it is, or with noodles to make it more substantial.

Prep & cooking time: 10 mins
Serves: 2 bowls


1 x handful of dried seaweed, torn up*
2 x bowls boiling water
1 x tsp vegetable stock
1 x tbsp dark soy sauce
2 x mushrooms, chopped into small pieces
1 x spring onion, chopped


Mix all the ingredients except the spring onion in a pan, and simmer for 5 min (seaweed should be soft).

Serve in bowl, topped with the spring onion.

If using noodles - cook or heat as packet states, then cool under cold water and set aside while soup is cooking. Put noodles in bottom of bowl, then pour hot soup on top.


Add any of: chopped chilli, thin strips of carrot, cubes of tofu, fish sauce (if you like it), etc etc

*I buy this in my local Thai/Chinese food shop in a big bag, it is the roughly dried, bulk stuff, not the flat strips, though they might work too?

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