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Little archaeologist game

Hits 4164 | Created 2009-09-02 | Modified 2009-09-02

This is an old, old java applet platform game I wrote. I thought I'd put it back on line as I just found it again :)

Java Games / The Little Archaeologist / Home Page

Man, for me the best kind of game is one where you have to wander around underground caverns avoiding monsters, collecting things and having to figure out a few things too.  So, I've written a classic platform puzzle game to satisfy my urges.  Once again it is small and fast so it runs on my pitiful computer, and therefore, anyone else's too...

Read the story of The Little Archaeologist.

As usual, open window, click into applet and press any key once loaded.  Use left/right arrow keys to move, up arrow key to jump and 'z' to fire.  TAB or q Change item, d Drop Item.  ESC to quit.  Type code and click Load to skip to known level (Case sensitive)

Version 1.6

Play Game
The Pyramid Levels
* 34 Levels On-Line! *
*New* BIG Window Here
To Play In a Window
To Play In BIG Window
The Alien Levels
The Alien Levels
(4 Levels)

Secret Access Code: 'SpAcE'
The Siberian Levels
The Siberian Levels!
(9 Levels!)

Level Access Code: 'SIBERia'

Comment Little archaeologist game comment by Ralpharama Hits | Last Modified 2009-09-02
But, sadly it doesn't seem to work any more :( it does work off-line, which is very odd. Someday I'll try and fix it...
Comment Little archaeologist game comment by Ralpharama Hits | Last Modified 2009-09-02
UPDATE: Works in Chrome, if you have problems.

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