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Banana Licuado

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Don't listen to the others, this is the real deal - a proper Banana Licuado recipe.

Oddly annoyed that other net recipes seem to neglect the ice element of the licuardo. This is the method I was taught in Central America, and is, in a word, awesome. Especially for a hangover - the greatest cure yet found.

Makes 2 glasses

1 x banana (ripe is good)
2 x glasses of cold milk (not skimmed people - that's just white water)
few drops vanilla essence
1 x tbsp sugar (more or less, depends on the banana)
1 x cup of ice


Depending on your blender (if it can handle whole ice cubes), either smash the ice up in a bag with a rolling pin first, or just put everything into the blender as is.

Blend until smooth.

Pour and drink.


For your glasses of milk, use less than a full glass, as you have to add the volume of ice and banana.

Taste the mix after blending (insert a straw, put your finger over the end, put in mouth, let finger go, taste ;) if the banana is not very ripe then you will need more sugar.

We use use a hand blender, which works fine if you pre-smash the ice.

You can add some cream, if you have some.

It isn't rocket science - you can use a banana per person, adjust the sugar, alter the type of milk, add more fruit etc, etc. Obviously!

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