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Vegetarian Thai Spring Rolls

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People get excited when I make these :) Delicious! It is based on a recipe I found on the net some time ago, but have since lost the link for. These are the tastiest spring rolls I have ever encountered :)

Main Ingredients

1/2 x cup fresh coriander, chopped
1/2 x cup fresh Thai basil, chopped (use normal basil if you can't get Thai basil)
3 x cloves garlic grated
1 x hot chilli pepper
1 x inch grated galangal (or ginger) - peel first!
1/2 x cup cabbage, chopped into matchsticks
1/2 x cup tofu (or 4 oz), chopped into matchsticks
5 x shiitake mushrooms, chopped into matchsticks
2 x spring onions, chopped into matchsticks
2 x cups bean sprouts (remove any nasty tips or tails)
2 x tbsp vegetable oil
Vegetable oil for deep frying
Spring roll wrappers, defrosted (bought in Thai, Chinese, etc shops)


3 x tbsp good soy sauce
2 x tbsp lime juice (one large lime)
1/4 tsp sugar


Prepare shiitake (if dried) - place in bowl, pour on some boiling water, wait for 5 mins or so until softened, drain and remove tough main stalk. Chop rest into matchsticks.

Prepare all other vegetables in advance and set aside

Mix the sauce and set aside

Heat oil in a wok on fairly high.

Add garlic, galangal, spring onion, chilli. Stir-fry for a minute.

Add cabbage, mushrooms, tofu. Stir-fry for a minute.

Add the sauce. Stir-fry 2 minutes.

Remove from heat, and add bean sprouts, coriander, thai basil and mix.

Season. It should taste very good now. Add more soy, lime, salt, sugar as required.

Prepare deep, heavy pan or wok for deep frying. Fill to below half full of oil and set on medium-high heat. Oil takes quite a long time to get to temperature so you have time to prepare some rolls.

Take a sheet, position like a diamond, put some mix (try not to include too much liquid) into the middle, sausage shaped. Fold left, then right corners over (it is now like an envelope shape), then roll it upwards. Secure the flap with a bit of water on your finger.

Set roll aside on a plate. Make three or four at a time.

The oil is hot enough when you throw in a small bit of bread and it quickly turns a golden brown colour.

Carefully fry 3 or 4 rolls at a time (depends on the size of your wok). Fry each side for about a minute until pale golden brown (if you seem to be frying your rolls for 5 mins then your oil is not hot enough). Don't overcook.

Remove with slotted spoon and drain on a wire rack.

Good hot or cold, dipped in Thai chilli sauce :)

Comment Vegetarian Thai Spring Rolls comment by Ralpharama Hits | Last Modified 2011-10-12
I found that some spring roll wrappers get soggy very quickly if you put in too much liquid and/or leave the prepared rolls sitting around too long. If you fry a soggy roll, it tends to break open in the oil. So I advise making and frying each roll almost as soon as it is prepared.

Some wrappers also don't stick very well with water alone, if they seem to 'open' as you fry them, then stick them with a brush of egg.

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