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Tripples / Trippples

Hits 26177 | Created 2009-05-01 | Modified 2012-11-05

I found this in a charity shop a while ago, it's a 1970s board game that is bewildering at first glance, but actually quite easy, complicated and various levels of fun too.

First part

Players take turns to select a tripples tile at random and place it on the board. The dot must face the same direction on all tiles laid.

When the board is full you take a clear counter each and try to move from the solid circle to empty circle or solid square to empty square - the second part of the game.

Second part

On your go you can move your clear counter to any tile above, below or diagonal from you, but only in the directions indicated by the arrows on the tile under your opponent's clear counter.

For the first move (of the second part of the game) the first player (A) can move to any tile next to his starting point. The next player (B) can then move in the directions indicated by the tile under (A)'s clear playing piece and so on.

Blank tiles can either be not-allowed-to-move-onto, or offers your opponent a free go (they can move in any direction), just agree which in advance.

it gets tricky trying to move your opponent onto tiles that allow you to move in the direction you want to.

The first part of the game (the laying out of the tiles) becomes more important as you begin to see that placing certain tiles at certain places is good for you and bad for your opponent.

Winner is first to get their clear counter to their empty square or circle - you cross the board in a diagonal.

If anyone is really interested, I'll scan the full rules in and post them here.

The box
The tripples box

The board and playing counters
The tripples board and counters

Published by 'Aladdin'

The only other reference I could find on the game - Darwin's Game Closet


Full rules - I took pictures of the rule book.

Tripples Rules 1
Tripples Rules 2
Tripples Rules 3
Tripples Rules 4
Tripples Rules 5
Tripples Rules 6
And I found this on another site - different to mine Tripples Rules (pdf)

Comment Tripples comment by Barkless Dog Hits | Last Modified 2009-07-13
I would love the full rules. Thank you for offering.
Comment Tripples comment by Ralpharama Hits | Last Modified 2009-07-16
Barkless Dog - I'll add it to my to-do list, sorry if it takes a while.
Comment Tripples comment by Dawn Hits | Last Modified 2009-10-25
I am so happy that you posted this. I played it lots when I was a kid, then my mom found it in the back of a closet---without the instructions!!! I'll play it with my hubby today. God Bless YOU!
Comment Tripples comment by JulieRevs Hits | Last Modified 2010-05-29
My Mum found my old game during a clear-out,frustratingly without instructions.
Thanks for posting this - now I can teach my kids to play!
Would love it if youcould scan and post full rules.
Many thanks.
Comment Tripples comment by veruca60 Hits | Last Modified 2011-03-22
Thanks for the rules! I am trying to get my grandson interested.
Comment Tripples comment by Jacque Hits | Last Modified 2011-08-18
I am 35 and saw this game at the thrift store and bought it. I didn't see that the rules were not there. I have been trying to find the rules. THANK YOU!! Maybe now I can play with my husband who is 19 years older....
Comment Tripples comment by Cyndi Hits | Last Modified 2012-06-26
Hi. I found my old game in my attic recently and just saw your post. I don't know if you can or will still send a copy of the rules for Tripples but I would appreciate it if you send them to me. No sense in mailing. I can give you my email address if that's easier. Thanks so much for considering it. Bodybasics@comcast.net
Comment Tripples comment by russ Hits | Last Modified 2012-11-04
Thanks for posting the rules. I nostalgically remember this game from my childhood and hope to find a set again.
Comment Tripples comment by russ Hits | Last Modified 2012-11-04
Heh, I just noticed you've spelled it "Tripples" instead of the correct "Trippples", which appears nowhere on this page. To help future google searchers, I'm leaving a comment with "Trippples", the correct spelling. :)
Comment Tripples comment by Ralph Hits | Last Modified 2012-11-05
@Russ, ah! Well spotted!

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