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White Cross - Vegetarian Sunday Roast review

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After living down sawf for a period of time, we were spoiled by the number of pubs that did a vegetarian option for the traditional Sunday Pub Lunch. Back up in lancaster, they're thin on the ground... so, imagine our delight to find one on our doorstep...

The White Cross has a great canal-side location which is only slightly marred by the recent building of a horror of a block of apartments on the other side. These destined-to-be-empty-for-a-long-time and out-of-character-with-Lancaster homes are way too high and should never have been granted planning permission, in our humble opinions... (see www.aalborgplace.com

Anyway, for the few hours a day that the pub still gets light before the monsters across the water steal the it, this is a great place to sit in the summer and sip 'fancy' pear cider.. And eat food.

The nut roast seems to be a relatively new addition to the menu, or perhaps we just stopped looking some time ago.

Cheaper than the meat version (which it always should be, but seldom is), it arrived in 15 mins and was great.

Good value - it was, what, about 6.50 I think? Large plate of roasted potatoes (crispy), boiled potatoes (with a subtle mint sauce), parsnips, cauliflower, carrots (all cooked well) and the nut roast itself with plenty of gravy. The nut roast was also good.

So, no complaints. Yes, I know. Hard to find something interesting to say when it's all good.

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