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Quite Simply French - vegetarian food review

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"Quite Simply French is a beautiful restaurant overlooking the River Lune in the historic city of Lancaster", yes, yes, but what's your vegetarian food like, eh?

The answer is mixed. I've been a few times (for the early bird option) now and had some good and bad experiences.

The food, generally, is of a high quality, and you know, it's a French restaurant, so I don't expect a lot of vegetarian choice. There are normally two choices in fact. Invariably a stuffed pepper of some sort (save me), and some wild invention of the chef.

A while ago I had baked avocado with mushrooms which was an experience never to be repeated, let me tell you.

This time it was a baked Camembert (mini) with new potatoes and garlic crostini.

Now, I assumed that this would also come with something else, but it didn't. It was just a baked cheese with a big bowl of plain potatoes and three mini, over-cooked bits of toast.

Don't get me wrong, I love eating an entire baked cheese as much as the next man, but for the love of god, give me some respite! Relentless cheese, potato, cheese, potato, crunchy toast, cheese, retch! My mouth was so clagged up that I found I was using my wine as a mouth-rinse.

I drank some water which helped a bit, but couldn't finish. It was just too much. Perhaps with a citrusy salad, or some other green vegetables? Who knows. Anyway, I was in no mood for dessert, I can tell you.

Sometimes, I suspect, feedback doesn't make it as far as the chef. I told the waitress that it was difficult to eat as it was all a bit relentlessly cheesy and dry.

She considered this and said, 'Hmm, yes, I probably coulnd't eat all that either.'

Looking as I write this, the choice tonight is 'Sautéed Aubergine Stroganoff cooked in a Paprika Cream Sauce and served with Black Rice' which sounds somewhat better!

Oh, and I do like this place, and the people, and I keep on going back... despite the odd wobble.

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