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Easy Potato Wine

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I recently drank a 12-year-old bottle of this and it was fantastic - a cross between a liqueur and sherry. Can't remember what it was like just after being made, but the fact that I left it for so long means that it is probably best aged a little...

Original 1968 recipe

2 lb Potatoes
1 lb Raisins
4 Oranges
4 lb Sugar
1 oz yeast
Yeast nutrient
5 quarts water (10 pints)

Scrub and grate potatoes and put them in half a gallon of water. Bring slowly to the boil and simmer for one minute.

Strain into sterile bucket [1]. Add half the sugar, stir until dissolved. Put in cut-up raisins, cut-up oranges and yeast, nutrient [3][4] (note, perhaps wait until not boiling hot when adding the yeast).

Cover and ferment for 10 days [2].

Strain (wringing out the pulp) into sterile fermentation demijohn [6].

Boil the rest of the water and sugar together for one minute, cool, and add to the rest of the mix ion the demijohn.

Cover or fit airlock and ferment until finished [7].

Some points not made clear in the original recipe.
1 All utensils and bucket etc should be sterile. Please see the section on Sterilisation. This is very important.
2 Some muslin, or sterile cloth tied around the top with string should suffice.
3 Try and find wine yeast, rather than bakers' yeast - the difference is that bakers yeast can make wine only up to 14% alc, and wine yeast wine between 15% and 18% alc.
4 Follow instructions on packet bought, or, about a teaspoon of each. They are not essential to the process, but certainly help increase fermentation speed and strength of wine.
6 These can be bought in chemists or wine-making or home-brew shops, they hold about a gallon and have a slim top where a fermentation lock can be inserted. If you really can't find one, you can ferment in a bucket that has polythene tied around the top tightly with string - air will find a way out when pressure increases and hopefully not let any air back in. If you use a fermentation jar, ensure that you sterilise the lock - the lock should have water in both chambers, so air bubbles through it as it is pushed out of the bottle - you should top up the lock when it gets low.
7 This wine might need 'feeding' with sugar every 2 to 3 weeks if it stops fermenting - rack the wine into a new jar containing a little sugar and continue as normal.
8 See section on Racking, also important.

Comment Easy Potato Wine comment by Sumedha Mane Hits | Last Modified 2009-03-02
Must try this some time, Sumedha Mane
Comment Easy Potato Wine comment by mark relph Hits | Last Modified 2009-08-26
used this method adding 1lb barley with potato's. the neighbours swore by it. they said mark, this is bloody gorgeous.
Comment Easy Potato Wine comment by Hits | Last Modified 2010-06-26
Comment Easy Potato Wine comment by Jason Hits | Last Modified 2011-03-24
I'm on day 4 of fermenting in the bucket - it smells great! 24/03/2011
Comment Easy Potato Wine comment by peter Hits | Last Modified 2011-06-27
after the 10 day period i am finding it very difficult to keep the wine fermenting, one batch has stopped i have tried a yeast starter pack but nothing, the other batch i have just put in the demijon from the 10 day ferment and have got it going but only after giving it strong yeast plus a tea spoon of nutrient, any ideas how to restart the first batch.
Comment Easy Potato Wine comment by Ralpharama Hits | Last Modified 2011-06-28
Peter, could be lack of yeast nutrition, or too cold? Ensure you have added recommended amount of nutrient, ensure it is somewhere where temperature is stable (not cold at night), you could, as it is early, also give it a good shake. If not started after a couple of days after this, then I'm out of ideas!
Comment Easy Potato Wine comment by Ralpharama Hits | Last Modified 2011-06-28
Advice from friend: Have you added any citric acid? pH is very important, and effects teh level of nutrient availability, don;t over nourish either, as it can cause a stuck ferment. imao.
Comment Easy Potato Wine comment by Davit Hits | Last Modified 2011-09-02
Add lemon juice, Ph is important.
Comment Easy Potato Wine comment by Hits | Last Modified 2011-10-06
Comment Easy Potato Wine comment by rikalus Hits | Last Modified 2012-11-08
I'm gonna try this!
Comment Easy Potato Wine comment by S4mmy Hits | Last Modified 2012-11-21
Can u buy this in shops?

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