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Or, ĎAn Education Concerning Men, For Women, Part 1í

Men are a breast obsessed lot. This may come as no surprise to you. You may think that you know men that arenít breast obsessed - men that donít stare or slaver when a pair is thrust in front of them. But no, you donít - all men (perhaps gay men aside), are breast obsessed. Those that appear uninterested are merely very devious and clever at deception.

It is something of a surprise to me when I find myself staring uncontrollably at a pair of breasts. I take hold of myself, shake myself mentally, tell myself off, debase myself at my lowness and vileness of character, and then find myself staring again an hour later.

I conclude therefore, that it isnít just simply crapness on the part of men, but something deeper and more fundamental. I suppose itís all linked into our sex drive, and perhaps itís an evolutionary hangover. Who knows? It isnít my intention to try and justify behaviour, just to observe it.

Two case studies:

1. X is in bed with a girl one morning after a particularly rowdy party, a very attractive and desirable girl. She leaves to go to the bathroom and upon her return tells X that there is a girl asleep on the sofa in the lounge, whoís blanket has fallen off her, revealing her breasts.
X is gripped with a desire to go and see.

2. Y is on an escalator going upwards in a department store. As he slowly ascends, he notices a mannequin which is dressed in a skimpy top, showing plastic cleavage. Y stares at the cleavage and thinks to himself that heíll be able to see more as he gets higher.
Y then thinks, what the hell am I thinking?

Many women are confused by this behaviour and are not tolerant of it. Women donít like menís breast obsession because it is highly impersonal - men are not looking at faces, or taking personality into account. Itís how men would feel if women were only interested in pictures of penises, I suppose.

ĎHow many breasts can you look at before you get sick of them?í women ask.

The answer is probably infinite. Look at the success of newspapers like The Sun and The Star, which show the same pictures, of the same type of models, in the same poses, day after day, year after year, and men still buy the paper, look at them, and even pin them up on the wall.

Itís evolutionary exploitation, thatís what it is.

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