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Airmiles - where's my stuff?

Hits 10432 | Created 2008-04-01 | Modified 2008-04-01

I never did anything with my airmiles, so thought I'd use the balance I'd worked up over the last 10 years to buy something, anything. So why, 3 weeks after ordering, has nothing turned up yet?

I went for the dozen bottles of wine, as I didn't seem to be able to afford anything else with my balance, apart from a one-way ticket to a small Island off Scotland that I wasn't very familiar with...

Ordering on-line involved a telephone call to Airmiles to activate my account, or something. After that the site was pretty easy to navigate.

First thing I did was change my address. No problem.

Next, order 12 bottles of wine. Done.

I get an email:

From: airmiles_multimediateam@airmiles.co.uk
Sent: 05 March 2008 08:19:03
To: [my email]

Dear Ralpharama,

Thank you for booking your trip with AIRMILES. Your booking reference(s) are: [my ref]

We'll send your full travel details and essential documents by post to:

[my new address appeared here]

You should receive them within 14 days.

We hope you enjoy your trip.

AIRMILES Online Team

Please do not reply to this email as it is automatically generated.

Which all looked good.

I promptly forgot all about it until yesterday, when I realised that much more than 14 days had passed.

Email seemed out of the question, so I had to call them, so I have no exact record, but it went something like this:

Airmiles: Hello [insert inane scripted welcome message]
Me: Hi [insert complaint]
Airmiles: Okay, I'll just have to take you through some security questions
[insert 5 minutes of q & a during which time it becomes clear that 1. they still have my old address and 2. they have no record at all of my order]
Me: But my confirmation email had my new address in it, I have a reference number.
Airmiles: That number comes up as invalid I'm afraid.
[I have the feeling they don't believe that I 1. changed my address or 2. made an order]
Airmiles: Sometimes the system goes a bit funny if you try and change your address and then do something else.
Me: Really?
Airmiles: Yes.
[Insert me changing my address (again) and ordering the same thing again (again)]
Airmiles: Right, that's ordered, it'll be with you within 14 days....


Comment Airmiles - where's my stuff? comment by Ralpharama Hits | Last Modified 2008-04-15
Eventually I got a 'voucher' through the post, which I then had to send registered delivery to the wine people...

I did this a couple of days after getting it.

The wine turned up today, 15th April...

It also has 4 x same, 4 x same, 2 x same and 2 x same bottles. Hardly the variety I was expecting!!

Pretty shabby, all told.

Comment Airmiles - where's my stuff? comment by Mrs. Reeve Hits | Last Modified 2008-05-22
Please can you activate my account 3081471300596094
Thank you I would like to order some wine NOW

Comment Airmiles - where's my stuff? comment by Ralpharama Hits | Last Modified 2008-05-22
Dear Mrs. Reeve,
You should, perhaps, address your plea to airmiles themselves, rather than me...
Comment Airmiles - where's my stuff? comment by cyril Hits | Last Modified 2009-01-29
Air miles closed my account without notifying me. They should be prosecuted.
Comment Airmiles - where's my stuff? comment by Mr Hagley Hits | Last Modified 2009-09-19
I sent 10,000 airmiles for 2 skydives 5/8/09 activity superstore reckon they havent received them even though they were sent recorded delivery post office have no track of them, airmiles say tough its our problem .They say they cannot cancel them and reissue, think they are a big con. Have been saving for years for nothing.Will pursue this to the bitter end
Comment Airmiles - where's my stuff? comment by david Hits | Last Modified 2009-10-15
8700 miles is worth 400 NOMORE.. to spend this fortune takes hours on the phone, and you cant travel when or where you want . Its not a con, just a waste of time .

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