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Some pages load, some pages don't, in any browser

Hits 9494 | Created 2008-04-01 | Modified 2009-03-06

Suddenly some webpages stopped loading for me, in Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari, but not, interestingly, in Lynx. I used a BT Home Hub, and no changes had been made to my system for weeks.

NOTE Before you try anything below: Have you recently run a windows update? Yes? Okay, unplug/reboot your modem/router for 5 mins, then re-start and re-try. In many cases this solves the issue. A bug with windows update perhaps?

Most of the pages that stopped loading seemed to be behind an admin barrier of our company website, so I assumed the problem was there, but could log on as a colleague and had the same problem. Also, when he logged on as me, he could access all pages.

Next I tried using a laptop instead of my PC, and had the same issue.

So, the problem was with my internet connection.

Of course, I tried reboots of by PC and the BT Home Hub.

Interest: I tried copying a page that wouldn't load, line by line, into a blank page. It worked until I reached 1200 bytes, then failed. Remove a byte to 1199 B and it worked... I thought this was it, but then found that I could load other pages larger, and some smaller pages still refused to load. Another thing, adding an ASP Response.Flush to the top of the page made the page load!! - but this wasn't a proper solution)

I did a lot of reading, but nothing was really the same that I could find, not exactly. But I did find a lot of people talking about similar issues but with particular websites. For me, I could access some pages in a folder on one website, but not others, which confused me.

Anyway, a lot of people talked about MTU settings, and how changing these fixed their own problems. Worth a shot, I think.

Anyway, you can't change MTU settings on a BT Home Hub easily, so it seems. So I downloaded Dr TCP which allows you to set MTU for each network adaptor etc on your system.

I changed all of them to 1458 then did another BT reboot (using the option to restart the hub in the admin/system area http://api.home/cgi/b/info/restart/?ce=1&be=1&l0=6&l1=2)

When everything came back on-line, all pages loaded as normal. Even, I would say, faster than before!

I have no idea if the MTU changes have had any effect, or it just so happened that the xth reboot did the trick anyway for some reason? Well, it worked for me!

Note: My PC was connected via ethernet, my laptop via WLAN, both started to work after the steps above.

Good luck!
Also see Problems with BT Broadband speed using a HomeHub

Comment Some pages load, some pages don't, in any browser comment by Ralpharama Hits | Last Modified 2008-11-25
This just happened to me again! On my new PC this just happened again. I tried reboots, clearning the caches, flushing dns, rebooting the router/hub, but nothing worked - I could only access some pages, not others on the same websites.

Only when I altered my MTU as above and rebooted the hub again did everything work. I hear that this happens with BT fairly frequently.
Comment Some pages load, some pages don't, in any browser comment by Ralpharama Hits | Last Modified 2009-03-11
And again. This time MTU changes did nothing. NOr did anything else. Very, very frustrating. I noticed this was happening on my laptop as well as PC, so must be a router problem? I actually turned off my Home Hub for 5 minutes (everyone says they do, but who waits 5 minutes?) actually 5 minutes. When it came back on it worked. I had already tried a reboot/restart option from HomeHub admin pages and that did nothing...
Comment Some pages load, some pages don't, in any browser comment by Mike Hits | Last Modified 2011-03-11
I have the same problem, BT support must be the worst on the planet - hopeless, may as well talk to the cat.

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