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Camping Tips, by Che Guevara

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'[he] who carries this equipment will have a solid house on his back, rather heavy but furnished to assure a comfortable life during the hardships of the campaign.'


'Provides adequate rest'. When trees are unavailable, it acts as a matress.

Waterproof Nylon Sheet
For use in rainy climates, this is tied to form a tent-like canopy over the hammock.

Because 'it is cold in the mountains at night'.

Jacket or Coat
To enable one to 'bear the extreme changes of temperature'.

Rough work trousers and shirt. Che doesn't recommend taking a change of clothes.

Of the best possible construction, since 'without good shoes marches are very difficult.'

At the worst, a sack carried by two ropes.

Personal Food
Including: Lard or oil, canned goods, preserved fish, condensed milk, sugar, sweet, powered milk, salt ('without which life becomes sheer martyrdom') and seasoning such as onion, garlic etc.


Plate, knife and fork. The plate should be a pan suitable for cooking in (food, tea, coffee etc)

Grease, Cloth and Rod
(For a rifle)

Ammuniction Belt
Commercial or home made.

Since often 'it is necessary to drink situations where water is unavilable.'

Penicillin, asprin, medicines for malaria, diarrhea and parasites. Injections against poisonous animals. Surgical instruments.

Tobacco in the form of cigarettes, pipe or cigars.

Matches & Lighter
For fire starting.

For personal cleanliness and washing eating utensils.

'Luxurious' Items

Useful until a countryside is known well, but fairly useless in mountains.

Extra Nylon Sheet
To cover all equipment in the event of downpours.

Change of Clothing
Can be carried but is '..the mark of inexperience. The usual custom is to carry no more than an extra pair of pants, elimiating extra underwear and other articles such as towels.'

Toothbrush and Paste

Either a good biography of a past hero, history or economic geography or works of general character to raise your cultural level.

If you have extra space..
..fill your pack with extra food. Foods of lesser importance can be carried, 'Crackers can be one of these, although they occupy a large space and break up into crumbs.'

In thick forest, it can be useful.

Small bottle, or light resinous wood to start fires in very wet areas.

And pen or pencil for note taking.

Rope and String
Should be available as they have many uses.

'[he] who carries this equipment will have a solid house on his back, rather heavy but furnished to assure a comfortable life during the hardships of the campaign.'

Bear in mind that Che also mentions that a man can carry twenty five kilos on his back and march for thirty to fifty kilometres in one night.

From 'Guerrilla Warfare' by Che Guevara (ISBN 0-8032-7075-5)

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