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Castle O' Death

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Back in the early 90's I wrote a game to demonstrate the 'powers' of ODE, a basic-like language on the PSION 3a. It was released as freeware sometime after I left, and still has footprints on the internet today.

http://www.sprightly.co.uk/psion3/classics.html "Castle Of Death. Similar to Nethack or Moria on the PC"

http://www.medvale.demon.co.uk/gi.htm "GameInfo is a database of game cheats and codes for all EPOC machines. It is available in SIBO DBF format and EPOC Data format. It included cheats for the following games:"

Funny, I don't remember putting cheats in!?

http://www.psion-user-club.at/d_game2a.html "Ein Adventure ähnlich Nethack oder Moria mit 22 Leveln und einem Leveleditor für den Psion 3a/3c. -- Trans: An adventure similar to Nethack or Moria with 22 Leves and a level editor for the Psion 3/3c."

Castle O' Death

Castle O' Death

Castle O' Death

Castle O' Death


castle11.zip - Castle O Death

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