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Virgin trains phone system

Hits 4574 | Created 2008-01-14 | Modified 2008-01-14

Virgin trains seems to have one of those phone systems that you have to speak 'naturally' into...

I was forced to use the phone as the internet site, which generally works without a hitch, refused to allow me past the stage where I accept terms and conditions. It complained that there was an error - why not go back and try again?

Much back, forward and refreshing merely compounded the problem:

Module Load Warning
One or more of the modules on this page did not load. This may be temporary. Please refresh the page (click F5 in most browsers). If the problem persists, please let the Site Administrator know.

So, forced to use the phone... This type of speak-clearly-menu-system makes me twice as angry as the traditional press-the-number version. That's pretty angry.


Jamming zero repeatedly makes the robot on the other end stutter, complain that you're not speaking naturally, then it all goes quiet for a moment before it connects you to a real person, somewhere on the planet, and you can start to calm down...

Incidentally, I was offered tickets that cost twice as much as on-line by the staff on the other end of the phone. This is after I I quoted the same train times as I had tried to book on-line...

Only after insisting that I could get it cheaper, and by quoting again the specific trains and fare types (I had it on-screen) would she admit that I could get the ticket at the cheap price I wanted...

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