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Kedchari, Chamba Style

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This is a recipe taught to us by Sne when we were staying in Chamba, India. It's a great alternative to plain or pilau rice, and damn tasty too. The flavour that comes out it pretty unique.


- 1 bowl of daal / dried beans (You can simply use a tin of drained and washed kidney beans, or black beans)
- 6 bowls of water
- 2 bowls of rice
- 2 bulbs of ginger
- BIG pinch of salt (yes, really)
- Tumeric pinch
- Big splash of oil
- Some ghee for serving
- Curd for serving (optional)

In a pan put the oil, tumeric, salt and daal. Pressure cook daal and water for '2 whistles' or 3, until beans are soft but not mushy. [note: if you have no pressure cooker, or are using pre-cooked beans, then I find that cooking the beans for 15 minutes in a pan with the lid on works fine here]. Add the uncooked, washed rice and replace lid of pan.

Peel and chop the ginger quite roughly (you really do use a lot more ginger than you think in this recipe). Add some water to it and squeeze the solids in the water a few times. The water will change colour and if you taste the ginger it becomes milder in taste a little.

Squeeze the rest of the water out of the ginger and add to the rice mix in the pan. [Discard the ginger-water, or, drink it chilled with sugar added]. Cover and cook for one more whistle, or until the rice is just cooked. The amount of water should cook the rice fine and leave none to drain.

Serve with a spoonful of warm ghee over the top of each portion. It should be sticky and rich.


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