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Bloody Natwest

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Natwest have a problem with me because I won't give them my phone number. It makes them cranky and irritable. So they often send me letters urging me to get in touch as they had 'a problem' phoning me. Invariably, they want to speak to me in order to convince me to take out a loan instead of using my overdraft and credit card balance.

But I'm not interested in their nasty, inflexible loans, and have told them several times. I'm also not interested in a 20 minute phone interview or a in-branch interview either. Look, you just look after my money and leave me alone, okay?

Obviously not. New letter today:

Dear Ralpharama,

I have tried to contact you by telephone without success. Please would you contact me at your earliest convenience on xxxxxxxxx.

Yours sincerely,

Melanie X

Sounds quite serious eh? Perhaps there is a problem with my account? So I call the number and ask for Melanie.

- So sorry, she's at lunch, can I help?

- Perhaps. I say, and read the letter.

She taps away and brings up my frightening details.

- Okay, Melanie wanted to get together with you to discuss your finances. You're paying quite a lot of interest at the moment, and we're confident we can do better for you. Let's see, we can fit you tomorrow at...

- Hang on! I manage to get in. Sorry to stop you there, but I'm not interested in any interviews, meetings, or your advice or loans.

- Oh right. Silence. Could I ask why?

- I have good advice already. I don't need more. I've told you before to stop asking me to come in for interviews. I asked you to put a note on my record. You obviously didn't, did you?

- I'll put one on for you now. She says. She sounds a bit cross with me. You do know, she adds, that the bank can withdraw your overdraft facility at any time?


- And is that something you're planning to do? I ask, quietly.

- Oh no, probably not. She says. Just to make you aware that it's discretionary, and the bank can withdraw it if it likes.

- Is that a threat? I say.

- Oh no! She says, sounding like this is all very amusing. I'd never threaten a customer. My boss is standing behind me now, listening to this conversation.

I wonder, does this mean that if her boss wasn't there that she would threaten my overdraft?

- Do you understand how that could sound like a threat to me, after our conversation? I ask.

- It's not a threat. She says. Okay, thanks Ralpharama, goodbye now.


I'm left fuming by this exchange. I get on the phone straight away and transfer my Natwest credit card balance to another bank, and am now seriously considering changing my current account too...

All because I won't give them my phone number.

Comment Bloody Natwest comment by Annon User Hits | Last Modified 2008-11-27
uv gotta realise ralph, a bank is a company who needs to make money like any business, they do this by offering their services to existing customers...by identifying needs, and offer products to match those needs, and in many cases these alternate solutions, or new or upgraded or even downgraded products offers a better outcome for the customer as well as the bank..
now i fully understand, the fact that you requested no marketing, it should have been noted. and this is where they have fallen down..and to add it was not a nice touch to let you know at that stage that they can remove your od, as typically the branch does not have the power to do so...it would be a central lending centre of some sort...
hope that helps to clarify things abit..
Comment Bloody Natwest comment by Ralpharama Hits | Last Modified 2008-11-28
I understand your point. I don't think it is possible for them to 'note' that I don't want any marketing. My account is permanently flagged at my branch now - whenever I go in to pay in a cheque etc they look at the screen and say, 'oh, it says here that the branch manager would like to have a chat with you, is now a good time?' I've just given up telling them... I'm still considering moving banks.

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