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Amazon.co.uk - where's my stuff?

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Trouble with an Amazon.co.uk delivery? CDs not turned up? Ignoring your emails? Read on... I used to love Amazon. I used to buy a lot of books and computer games from them. But no more... Never again! Why? Because they recently took 15 days to deliver a book to me, and their customer service is the worst I've encountered since Talktalk, and that's saying something.

Okay, the details. Books ordered on the 7th August 2007. They were marked as 'Dispatched on 9 Aug 2007' a couple of days later. With an additional 'Delivery estimate: 10 Aug 2007 - 13 Aug 2007'. '1 package via Royal Mail - Delivery Option: First Class'

This all looks goood, so I wait for my books to arrive. The date comes and goes. I wait a few days longer and finally send them an email through their on-site contact pages:


The beauty of an on-site email system is that the client ends of with no record of what they sent, or when, unless they are cunning enough to record it all. I didn't think I would need to (more the chump me), so didn't. I was polite (I always am in enquiry emails) and simply asked where my books were and if they would be delivered soon?

I wait a couple more days, no answer.

I send a new email, less polite this time, asking for an update. I let them know that I'm unhappy now.

I wait a few more days, no reply.

I send a new email, asking if I am going to have to send an email every day to get some action? I let them know that I'm now furious with them.

On-line, nothing has happened, my order is still marked ' 2 items - delivery estimate: 10 Aug 2007 - 13 Aug 2007'

I wait a few more days. Now it is the 21st August. I've been busy or I would have pursused this more than I had. I check on-line and a new order has mysteriously appeared:

Delivery #1: Dispatching Soon. We are preparing these items for dispatch and this part of your order cannot be cancelled or changed.

Delivery estimate: 23 Aug 2007 - 24 Aug 2007

What? The order has a cost of 0 and is for the same items as I ordered on the 7th of August. Still no emails from Amazon.co.uk.

I finally break and use the 'Contact Us by Phone' option on-site:


This works well enough, but the options don't seem to relate to my problem, so I choose any of them, and have to be transferred to the correct dept by a pleasant man on the seller's support line. The phone is answered quickly enough by Tiago.

Tiago is also pleasant and calm. He tells me that my order was lost in transit and that they are sending my new items.

- When? I ask

- We will be dispatching them today. They should be with you in 2 to 3 days.

I protest and demand a discount, or special delivery options, or a cancellation.

He can't offer me any discounts, or special delivery (first class only, but that's what they offered before!) and can only cancel one of the items, as:

- One of the items is on a truck. He says.

Which could mean anything.

I splutter. He doesn't seem to know why they never sent me any emails and can't help me further. I hang up.

Terrible. Simply terrible. One less customer.

Comment Amazon.co.uk - where's my stuff? comment by Ralpharama Hits | Last Modified 2007-08-22
Useful links: http://clicheideas.com/amazon.htm
has customer service telephone numbers etc for Amazon.
Comment Amazon.co.uk - where's my stuff? comment by davidware Hits | Last Modified 2007-11-14
opium perfumed body lotion was dispatched on the 4th november has of yet not been received
Comment Amazon.co.uk - where's my stuff? comment by zara chudley Hits | Last Modified 2007-11-30
hi i was just wounding iv benn in waiting for my stuff and still not turned up can you please me now where it is because they are christmas presants thanks it was a spider man figure and doctor who bean bag my order number is 2037259465279112 please get back to my email is zaraj_ch@hotmail.com
Comment Amazon.co.uk - where's my stuff? comment by Ralpharama Hits | Last Modified 2007-11-30
Hi Zara,
This is just a post about Amazon, to track your purchase you will need to contact them directly. Try: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/help/contact-us/call-me.html

Comment Amazon.co.uk - where's my stuff? comment by JKULISEK Hits | Last Modified 2007-12-05
2 (TWO DISCS) PIRATES iii??????????????
Comment Amazon.co.uk - where's my stuff? comment by josh Hits | Last Modified 2008-01-05
i orderd my medal of honor (wii) and harry potter ootp 2 disc before christmas and the harry potter came today but it was the goblet of fire 1 disc so i have to send it back on monday and then it wont come for another month. medal of honor hasnt even been dispatched yet. i think ill stick to play.com for now even if its more expensive
Comment Amazon.co.uk - where's my stuff? comment by carol minter Hits | Last Modified 2008-01-29
Comment Amazon.co.uk - where's my stuff? comment by harry Hits | Last Modified 2008-03-03
when will i get my books?
Comment Amazon.co.uk - where's my stuff? comment by D Brooker Hits | Last Modified 2008-03-28
I order a pack of 6 refils for my shaver only one turned up, I can't speak to amazon but have to contact seller direct. they say that they dont have an offer like this but they will refund the money if I send the single item back and I should re order from amazon.But if I do then the whole thing will happen again. why can't I speak to amazon on the phone to sort it out.Another customer less
Comment Amazon.co.uk - where's my stuff? comment by phillintheuk Hits | Last Modified 2008-05-13
I ordered a Logitech G25 on 19th April 08 the advert said 1 to 3 weeks delivery which is fair enough but naturally you hope that you will get it in the first week or second so 3 weeks pass & I email them as to where the order is & they say they have'nt got it in stock, marvelous, so why not just tell people that they havent got it in stock or cant get it, bloody furious, they email me to tell me that the wheel COULD be here by the 30th may. Well how about NO I cancelled the order & ordered it elswhere today is due to arrive tomorrow....now that's how it should be done Amazon.con.uk ....why do they let you order when they obviously can't supply, ar*eholes I'm so angry it's bloody ridiculous, never again
Comment Amazon.co.uk - where's my stuff? comment by Helena W. Bell Hits | Last Modified 2009-01-27
Never again will I do business on-line & esp. w/amazon UK. I have two DVDs not playable on my USA player & I have spent months trying to get redress. I also paid twice the listed price due to the exchange..none of this made known to me @time of purchase. HELP! Respond to:hwbell@mcn.org 1/24/09
Comment Amazon.co.uk - where's my stuff? comment by Wilbur Barnes Hits | Last Modified 2009-02-28
I recived a book today titled Hard Knocks, however, it is not the book I want. It seems to be mystery or crime type story--Edito Zoe Sharp. The story I'm after is about the life of National Football coach. Please respond to my concern. I dislike being billed for something I don't want. Will Barnes
Comment Amazon.co.uk - where's my stuff? comment by Ron Lewis Hits | Last Modified 2009-03-28
I received a book through one of Amazons agents dianediamond. A collectable book. There were nine pages missing and as many pages were blank. I received the book about a month ago, complained, and I am still awaiting a solution to my problem.
Comment Amazon.co.uk - where's my stuff? comment by t.Voller Hits | Last Modified 2009-06-12
Order No 5959 dated 18/5/2009. Still await delivery from preetiBooks. Is this an exceptional long delivery time? Comments and book please.
Comment Amazon.co.uk - where's my stuff? comment by gipson Hits | Last Modified 2009-09-05
I ve lost it with Amazon. Will have to cut my loss and go somewhere eles.
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