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February 10th 2002

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The chai made me need to urinate four hours later for the rest of the day...

Well, the flight from Pachmari went well enough. Packed at 4.30am, accidentally drank a cup of chai at 5am and left town on a bus at 5.40am. The chai made me need to urinate four hours later for the rest of the day until Sanshi (sp?). Long bus ride, but okay as I dozed and daydreamed about being a famous chemist for the first few hours. Arrived in Bhopal without incident at 13:20pm, straight onto a connecting bus avoiding touts, which took about an hour to arrive here.

Lunch today was buscuits and an orange.

Sanschi is a v.v.small town, with only three 'streets'. We found the Buddhist Guest House, rooms for Rs 100. Basic, power cuts, shitty toilet, wasp nest nearby, but chilled. Met our first Western travellers here.

Lunch at the Tourist Cafeteria - overpriced Rs.80 for two plates of Pakoras. We have to leave the guest house tomorrow as it is fully booked with Sri Lankan Buddhists for a day... We secured a room in the Rest House nearby for Rs 300 fully inclusive of breakfast and evening meal. Should have haggled, but should have done a lot in this life.

Supper was Thali at local place - Rs 52 for two - the chapatis never ended! Nice guy, had a chat after with some free chai. He even refused a tip...

Just had a chat outside rooms whilst power cuts and a storm happened randomly around us.

Tired due to travel etc. Stressed about planning departure. Visit stupas tomorrow.

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