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February 9th 2002

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Buses to Bhopal are at 5.30am and at 7am and take 6 hours. We are aiming for the 5.30am for some reason...

[Warm then cool. On budget]

Good night's sleep again. Up at about 10am. Spent some time dithering in room. Started work on some coconut pendants / rings etc. Took breakfast at Nanvandan (Club Sandwich - tremendous!) Then off to Pandav Caves and Gardens. Lots of caves that people had pissed in basically, but some ancient Buddhist carvings in the rock, which were worth seeing. An old stupa also found on the 'roof'. An old man hassled us a little round the caves, and I found myself being irritated by an Indian for almost the first time on this trip. For a few hours kept my head down to avoid unnecessary interaction!

Tourism office closed on Saturday (?) so we could get no train info, though our Sikh friend tells us a direct train from Madras calls as Udaipur after Bhopal. We shall see. Went to bus station. Buses to Bhopal are at 5.30am and at 7am and take 6 hours. We are aiming for the 5.30am for some reason, we shall see how it goes... Plan is to reach Bhopal at midday, and take a bus straight to Sanchi (sp?) to spend a day or two checking out the Buddhist temple etc in the area.

C gone to call home and buy oranges for journey tomorrow.

Money lasting okay, spent 100 in one week more or less, which is under budget (between two).

Bought a junior hacksaw and sandpaper (Rs. 38 for coconut work.

Evening meal in hotel again - Korma and Jalfrezi - good. rest of evening packing and last minute CMM Hindi music on TV...

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