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Back Street Bar

Hits 5244 | Created 2007-05-15 | Modified 2009-11-24

So I sat, alone, at the end of the bar, staring across the room to where some Canadians were laughing, screaming, and generally flirting with the off-duty strippers.

Note: this is an old fragment of an old website that had odd snippets of writing on it, it makes no real sense alone here

This is Suzys Bar in Takasaki, Gunma, Japan, and it's perhaps six or so years ago.

Everyone I know has left to go home and the time is fast approaching five a.m. Even Mino, the hyper-active co-owner of the bar, has slumped into a seat in the corner of the room.

I get up from my stool and wander behind the bar with my empty beer glass, and pour myself another. Mino's sixth bar-sense made him open his eyes and watch me. When I had finished he made writing motions with his hand and I dutifully scratched another mark onto my bar tab. The bar had a curious way of keeping tally of drinks, instead of using four straight lines and a diagonal to make a five and a 'gate', they'd use some complex pattern that no doubt made sense in Japanese, but to a gaijin was merely confusing.

I passed by the Canadians and strippers and eyed one blonde girl from Finland. She looked at me with eyes that told me she was just toying with the man who was chewing her hair in a teenage attempt at flirtation. I felt sorry for him. This was the kind of girl whom you couldn't trust, I decided.

You could sit on your barstool and dream of being back in The Office I suppose. Or, perhaps, you could be thankful that you're not drinking in the Slaughtered Lamb.

Maybe, just maybe, you could wish yourself into a Party In Montreal?

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Comment Back Street Bar comment by Kyed Hits | Last Modified 2009-11-23
....reckon I was there the same time....with Marcus and Aaron. we stayed at Karl's (marcus' brother).....you gotta be 'Raluph'?
Comment Back Street Bar comment by Kyed Hits | Last Modified 2009-11-23
...... kyed_@hotmail.com
Comment Back Street Bar comment by Ralph Hits | Last Modified 2009-11-24
Ha, yes, I have a hazy memory :) Funny, funny days...
Comment Back Street Bar comment by Hits | Last Modified 2009-11-24
..too true, Mino, Dobu, Naoko, phenominal quantities of drink!!and the rest....
all the best

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