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Little Wizard Development Diary

Hits 1856 | Created 2003-09-26 | Modified 2007-06-11

Development notes from the game The Little Wizard, dating from 2003!

Development notes:

* Blunder: - Oh god, I accidentally uploaded the files for the Little Witch into this folder and overwrote all the Little Wizard files! This state of undress was in effect for over a week before I noticed. Please excuse me all Little Wizard players - all should be back to normal now...

* Hints: - After a few emails I felt guilty and produced a walkthru, taking a player up to the gates of the evil fortress. I feel better.

(30th-May-2003 [Later]):
* BUG Fix: - Problem with walking at top of corridors near secret rooms should be resolved now. However, if you will insist on blowing holes in the edge of the level and then wandering into it, there may still be problems in store for you...

* BUG Report: - One player reports: "I'm really enjoying the game. One bug I've found so far. When I use the spell to get open up the walls in one of the special rooms and walk up and down the corridors between the rooms the game freezes when I go to the very top of the room." Answer: "Yes, I never imaged that people would destory walls in the secret rooms and discover all the spells that way. I'll try and get rid of the bug."

* BUG Fix: - That annoying thing where you pick up objects and end off deleting and being stuck in the background has been resolved.
* ESCAPE: - Press Esc to quite the game.
* Hints: - After some complaints, I have added some more spell hints the help file.

* BUG Fix: - The TAB Key problem - you can now use 'q' to to the same thing.

* BUG Fix: - Recently removed an end-of-game token which I had placed at the beginning of the game for testing purposes (stupid!). This resulted in some reviews mocking the game for its ease ("I completed the game in less than 5 mins!") Well, yes, with the end-of-game token at the beginning that's quite possible. Anyway, should be a tad more difficult now...

* Fairy Queen: - Added the damsel to be rescued and end screen etc.
* Map: - Finished map, finally.

* Secret Rooms: - The doorways to the 12 secret rooms all should work now.
* Redist: - Added a feature where used things are reintroduced elsewhere - this will mean that you never (in theory) run out of food, health, plants etc.

* Trader: - Finally, things are bought and sold for the right price.
* Walls: - Introduced 'false' walls.

* Animation: - Things now animate a little when moving around
* Title: - Changed the title - the old wizard picture was copyrighted.
* Speed: - Woo-hoo! Pressing 1 to 9 will chnage game speed - try '1' out! Superfast!

* Load / Save: - Found a solution that is good enough for me - no load or save feature, but learning the correct spell will allow you teleport around to different areas of the game easily, so avoiding repetition. The game solution does not depend on you walking through the whole landscape, so this is a good way of resolving this problem - difficult only because of Java file restrictions. At some future point I may decide to write a proper save routine, but not now.

* Monsters: - Added Four new monster types including evil wizard at end.
* Map: - Done some more work on map, few new blocks, more area done.
* Speed: - Enabled some monsters to be faster / slower than others - check the skeleton.
* Testing: - Put a lot of plants at beginning and a key, for testing purposes.
* Testing: - To try a spell, one of the simplest is 'Caldus Divum' - Take Slippery Elm & add Mandrake & add Poppy.
* Spells: - Only one spell really to still do, all the rest work fine (if you know them!)
* Load / Save: - Groan, no, not yet. Help.

* Spells: - Added ability to blow up trees and walls.

* Trader: - Okay - Hopefully fixed the gold problem
* Help: - Okay - Added a help window. Despite what it says, no Load or Save though!
* Use Spells: - Most - Cast using SPACE. Can banish, transform, freeze presently.
* Load / Save: - Nope - having problems working this one out...

Features (27th-March-2003):
BUG Font Size: - Just noticed a problem with the font size in Netscape - to be fixed
* Window: - Okay - we now have a nice little pop-up window to play in
* Trader: - Okay - you can buy information for gold from the trader
* Keys: Okay - keys, they do now open doors...
* Cauldron: - Okay - you can add things to the cauldron now! (Press SPACE when next to it)
* Info Boxes: Okay - you now get information on how to play as you go
* Collision: Okay - can no longer walk through monsters and visa-vera
* Map Scroll: Okay - scrolls in 8 directions
* Monsters: Okay - Now less stupid - some follow you or half follow you now
* Food: Okay - you can collect food, and food drains as you walk (slowly)
* Gold: Okay - you can collect gold
* Plants: Okay - you can collect plants etc and they are added to your inventory
* Inventory: - Okay - you can switch between items (TAB) and drop them ('d')
* Chests: - Okay - you can open chests, finding random items
* Death: - Okay - you can now die (great eh?)
* Make Spells:- Okay - You can make spells okay
* Scrolls: - Most - scrolls contain 'recipies' for spells - done, you can find two if you try
* Sound FX: - Half - some little beeps etc, not something I'm worried about yet
* Map Content: 30% - level is 200x150 (30,000 blocks)

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