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July 2000

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Well, things improve after time, and then they turn again to the same kind of state of waiting and trial.

Camden.  12:45pm. I got confirmed in my job with Hyde, after passing a punishing set of interviews and personality tests, so am now a manager.  A strange turn of events in my life career.  Next, Caro got her visa confirmed, and we talked excitedly on the phone about the dates that she would come to England.  Life comes together.

Now the consulate has lost her passport, and all other documentation.  Our marriage certificate, my birth certificate, everything really.  I'm planning to vist next Friday, and flights are 600 and above due to high season.  Obstacles, but hopefully not too large.

I'm ill at the moment.  A cough flu type of thing that I've had for almost a week now.  Just enough time for generally illness free me to dream up paranoia diseases for myself to have.  I feel consumptive.  It's tedious really.

Laura (JT) is on her way here today, and we'll spend the rest of the day doing something outside and free I think.

Last night was spend in an endless dither with a final desperate pint in the Stag's Head just so we could say that we'd been out on Saturday night.  Then followed cocktail drinking until 4am - green and blue drinks generally.

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