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February 2000

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Okay, okay, two months gap in a travel journal is pretty bad. I fell into the settled-routine-no-journal-writing thing in Antigua.

Utila, Honduras.

Caro and I found a house with Dave, Henri, Ian, Anya & Tarron; on Chipilata Calle - the main bus route to Guate city.  We had the front room, and although from 4am to 7pm it sounded like an airport runway, we were very happy there.  We had a garden, courtyard, kitchen, everything.  Caro worked with Belly in Vitos.  I worked in La Sala, and our life was normal enough for a while.  Caro and I got 'engaged' and on some days researched marriage possibilities in Antigua.  No luck though.  On even days I made decisions, and on odd, her.  Everything good.

Nothing good ever lasts, and Caro had to return to Montreal before xmas as her father died.  Xmas and NY seemed less important to me then, but we managed to have a good time.  Big xmas dinner, very drunken.  On NY eve, I worked in Vitos, replacing Caro, for 10 hours, for Q7 an hour (about 70p).  An unusual choice of activity for the party of the century.  Still, I drank for 14 hours for free and got served first all night.  The city opted for more explosions than visual fireworks, but all in all, it was a bit of an anticlimax.

At La Sala, I was helping to run the place with Annemette, after Heidi and DJ arrived and took all the cash before abandoning us to fate.  The place closed in mid January.  No money left, thefts, debt.  No good.  Still, I'll remember the place fondly.  What happened to AM, I'll never know I guess.  We moved all the La Sala stuff into my house, and I had weird deja vu for a few days - eating off the dishes, using the blender etc.

Felix and Belly headed for Nicaragua for a holiday when Caro returned and so she worked until they got back, except they never did, and instead rented a house there for five years.  We finally made the break from Vitos and Antigua on the, well, 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th, who could say?  Of January.  Everyone else left - Jenny, Ina, Carla, everyone.  Jesper left and returned to manage Rikkis bar, and had my tattoo design before he did.  Did a tattoo for Sean too, who almost married us.  Ina went to Nicaragua, Costa Rica etc, with Carla, but didn't enjoy the company much in the end.  She'll be back in Norway now, I think.

Less drinking, less craziness after xmas I guess.  Six of us got naked and drunk and Juan's house before we moved in ourselves, but little else crazy happened at all.

Blow, puff, blow in the hole, blow job, no job, what are we doing?

Pacaya erupted a little bit.

Tequila stuntman.

Drinking cucarachas and having a margarita every night in Vitos.

Xmas tree lights miracle.

Bought a brand new machete.

Bottles of gin.

...  Oh, so much.

Left Antigua for Puerto Barrios, stayed one night and passed into Honduras via the dirt-track route.  Small border huts, pickups, river crossings, dusty, hot roads.  Beautiful country.

Stayed in Omoa for a week, sea kayaks, mountain bikes to Garifuna villages, swimming in the blue sea, cooking our food on the BBQ, the beautiful Swiss room, Swiss bread, the ubiquitous sand flies, the many French people.

Left Omoa and hit Tela via the train - yes, really.  It went backwards as well as forwards a great deal.  A man sold vegetables, then drinks, then buckets for your vegetables a little later.

In pretty Tela we spent another week or so, swimming, eating, visiting El Magnate nightclub, and teaching JT how to sail his boat.  Slightly scary sailing and lots of Salva Vida and pot afterwards with Old Tom, his prostitute girl and Richard, the ex-cop who recently shot a robber on the beach, twice.

Drove JT's 4x4 around, drunken and stoned, and had a fun time generally.  Stayed in the Mar Azul Hotel for L100 p.n.  Large cockroaches, bird-sized butterflies, a hundred bites a night, supermarket trips, and the start of the rain.  The rain continued until about now, a week or more later.

Quit Tela for La Ceiba, a bigger, nastier, seaside town, where the boats for the islands go from.  Stayed in a hotel with cable TV (The Caribe) for L.120.  It rained a lot and we ate buffet food and went to the cinema ('The end of days').  We walked on the pier and slept little (we had cable TV).

Next morning, a vicious taxi driver took us to the port and almost got violent with us over the fare.  Nice ride to Utila (L.120 each), took a couple of hours - small children and unhappy looking mothers were ill, as it was a little rough.

Met Ed at the dock, luckily, and were invited to stay with him for a few days, which of course we did.  Rain, rain, rain, cable TV, pot and Salva Vida for three days.  Oh, and toasted cheese s/wiches.  Finally left the comfort of Dan and Ed's place and moved into the Loma Vista, a room for L.75 with use of a kitchen and a chilled atmosphere.

Today, a long walk on the coral beaches - no rain today.  Waiting for the sun before learning to dive.

Oh, and saw Gary here - looking healthy and respectable in his guise as a divemaster.  Odd.

Phew, that is enough for now...


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