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December 1999

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A brief entry from the very end of 1999 in Guatemala. My journal-writing went downhill after this, and there is hardly anything for the next few months as I settle into a routine of life in Antigua.


Well, things change in life. Many things.

Anne left and I thought a great deal about our future, and decided that there really wasn't one. I would only not finish it because I wouldn't want to hurt her. No good reason really. So, I had a vision serpent tattooed on my left arm to symbolise my rebirth and wrote her a letter to end it all. She wanted it that way, she told me. It's done now.

So, looking for an apartment with Carolyn now. Crazy world huh? She returned from Honduras to see me. Crazy when fantasy comes true.

Everyone else except Eric and Ina have left - Gary to Utila, Laura to England. New people are Nikole, Jenny and more. Doing some work in La Sala, having a good time indeed.

Interesting event occurred in the kitchen, amongst other things.

Oh, also been to Monterrico for a few days, for some beach action.

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