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What the hell is this? You have found this page in one of two ways: 1. You clicked on the link that said 'Nothing' on the full contents page. 2. You came here through a search engine.

If you came here from a search engine then you have been looking for something that we share in common. This file contains all the keywords I can think of from my past - well, at least some of them. If you're looking for something in particular, you may find more clues around my website in general, or you can email me or use the forum form to ask any questions.

I was prompted to create this page after being frustrated at being unable to find some information a while ago, so, hopefully anyone else looking for the same kind of thing now will at least find me!

-- The Keywords --
INDIA in 1995 and 2002
Madhya Pradesh Pachmarhi Patchmari Sanchi Sanshi Rest Inn Mr Asif (The Mighty) Stupa Buddha Hostel Hot Dusty Cheap Thali Dual Fountain Illness Ayurvedic Giardia Ginger Vomit Inducing Rajasthan Agra Ugly City Desperate People Siddharta Taj Mahal Monkey Attacks Defence with Pepsi Bottle Teeth Bared Mini Monkey Clothes-line Game Pushkar Hippy Hell Ruined Holy City Cows (Many Legged) Ring Making in Silver Milkman Hostel Bhang Lassi Lake Sunset Cafe Wild Dogs - Carry a stick and a chapati, Chillum with Guru Baba Sadhu or Tourist Cons Ralph Udaipuir Octopussy Lake Lehar Guest House Long Walk to Monsoon Palace Sunset Point Mount Abu More Hippies there too, Mt Abu Ganesh Hippy Walk Jain Temple, Monk-food for Vegans Swim in the Crocodile Lake (Secret) Lake Jaguar Jaipur Bull (Big, Scary) Jaipur Inn Camping in the City Dine in Pizza Hut (Faux Luxury) Bikaner Sand Extreme Heat Camelman or Camel Man Vijay Guest House Camels Safari Daisy his Wife Eats Pounds of Butter on Parantha(s) Rum (Lots of) After Eating, Evening Done, so Drink First! Raju (More Chapati?) Punjab Friendly Sikhs Amritsar Dirty, Nasty, Old, Rotting Hotel Surya Himachal Pradesh Dalhousie Crags Rama Hotel Gandhi Chowk Chamba Orchard Huts Prakash Sne Jagindar Jaginder Tanu Gugu or Goo-goo, who knows? Mad Mike and his Slow Thai Wife rescued from a Brothel, Richard Annoying Americans eating with hands whilst the Indians use spoons; touching the feet of Prakash. Idiots. Wedding with food on Banana Leaf / Leaves Dancing Fiona's Peak Fiona's Peak Giant's Five Fingers Gaddhi Gadi Indian Whisky, Beer on the veranda Daramasala McLeod Ganj Dalai Lama Dalai Llama Tibetans Rajpal Niwas Guest House (with our own Kitchen!) Ziggy Hippy Hippies Tai Chi Reiki Zen Massage Dharma Buddhism for Cats Lesson Course (Hippy heaven/hell) Snowland Momo (my God, good Momos) Tibet Vipassna Shambala Ashoka Golden Eagle Thunderbolt Kingfisher Bullet Beers (Shudder) Climbing Triund Daramkot Darhamkot Daramkhot Israeli Isreali Village now? Home-made Goats Milk Cheese Jogibara Road Nick's Italian Kitchen / Restaurant (a taste of 'home') Memory Hall Video Theatre (Ripped off movies before they hit even the USA) Theater Heidi learns Tibetan Les Terri Derek George Candice Candace Candance Gerard Mr Candy the Christians Karma Nirvana Cafe Open Mic Night (How we laughed - This song is about a friend of mine - a man who hung out with prostitutes and criminals [cheer], yeah, this is about my lord, Jesus Christ! [groan]) Alex Delhi Bombay Dubbing Bollywood Movies New York Cop (in Meet the Parents) Salvation Army Hostel free meals (do you want them?) Colaba Punk Bikers Royit Churchgate H2O Arthur Bunder Road Hookah Hookahs Marine Drive Masala Dosas (oh, so good) James Jay Goa Arambol Karnataka Hampi Madras Mahabalipurum Orissa Puri Opium Smoking Varanassi Typhoid Chai Ganges Drinking Local Bar Clay Cup Smash Bladder Arak Araq Manali Chess Cake Shop

Central America Antigua La Sala Hostel Rikki's Bar Rikki Bar Rikkis Bar La Chimena Bar Mono Loco Darts Drunk Gallo Cabra Cuba Libre Happy Hour Gin & Tonic Pass Out Sex Dorm Room Carla Stian Heidi DJ Puking Vomiting Sick Guatemalans Double Up Ariel Ed Maya Ina Jenny Ralph Erik Sean Tabatha Jesper Ollie Olly Big Fish Goes Home Hungry The Office Tattoo Design Tattoos Annamette Annemette Anamette Anemette Alcohol The Secret Taco Window Tikal Rio Dulce Monterico Lake Atitlan Gringocastenango Chi Chi Market Daniel Table Tennis Ping Pong Por Que No Bar Dice Cocaine Coke

Utila Ed Gary Diving Gunter Pascal Bucket Of Blood Bar Bar In The Bush Pirate Flor de Cana Rum Marriage Married Tranquila Bar Salva Vida

Oaxaca Michael Maya Claudia Ralph Independence Day Independance Day Rafael Rodolfo LSD Acid Foam Music Backpack

Kao San Road Cam Thai Whisky Sang Thip Mehkong Mekong Sang Som Big Beer Lao Chang Beer Patpong Night Market Kopanygan Ko-panygan Coral Beach Resort The Eagle Pub Beach Fire Magic Mushroom Milk Shake Mushroom Shake Full Moon Party Stabbing Broken Glass Pissing Sea Blue Haad Yow Had Yow Hat Yao Urchin Spine Mark Martina Eddy Mat Matt Vi Vee Chantele Chantelle Gavin Trat Jeam Guesthouse Bangkok Ayutthya Suzi's Pub Mano Lauren Nakom Pathom

Caro Ralph Montreal Laval Alien in Montreal stammtich stammtish stamtish or stamtich?

Oz Brisbane Angela Super Happy Johnny Cookies Graham Charlie Cock Sucking Cowboys Pub Beer Drunk Poo Girl Sydney Kings Cross Kanga Guest House Datsun 100B Blue Mountains Breakdown blackout Desert Outback Travel Journey Endless Great Ocean Road Adelaide Melbourne Karl Lori Tasha Beks Becks Damien Damian Cheap Red Wine Box Bloody Toes Dubbo Jon Boy Tom Kings Cross Car Market Underground Hell Sell Car FIJI Vitu Levu Kava Cava Octopus Resort Waya Island Welcome to David's Place Davids Place Scones Shithead Cards

Siem Reap Crocodile Farm Gareth Emma Ran Andy Dec Martini Martinis Zanzybar Angkor Wat Landmine Museum Mr Aki Ra Floating Village Terrible Road Phnom Penh FCC F.C.C. Foreign Correspondents Club Gin and Tonic G&T Happy Hour Drunk Pink Elephant Bar Heart of Darkness Bar Moto Hello Sasha Happy Pizza S-21 Killing Fields Nexus Bar Sihanoukville Sianukville Pot Grass Cannabis Finbar

Lancaster Lune Street Lune St Devitre Street Devitre St Treehouse Tree House Boys Only Ishmail Ismail Art Questor Prospect Street Prospect St Clarence Street Clarence St Col Rachel Ralph Rob Tasha Tash Kelly Anjila Larry Nutters Abulancemen Ambulance Bloody Dwarf Ramos Pissy Piss Nutters Herb Garden Foxy Iron Dodgy Tony Scared of Women Swastika Fires Bonfire Burning Armchair Mr Rude Words Quarry Bong Perry Wasps Party Punks in Hallway Speed Magic Mushrooms Welding Shopping Trolley Tim Katie Kirsti Ginna Joby Spliff Smoking Joint Grazza Four Skin Matrix Mark Myles Richie Ralph Rich Richard Acid Wolf Blade Thor University Furness Aldingham Nick Steve Bob Ian Colin Ralph Capper Ray Rich Greg Mark Stolen Sofas Street Signs

Takasaki in Gunma Prefecture. Gaijin Mansions. Pearl Mansions. Ralph, Anjila, Tom, Sally. Dressed as a Pirate, drunk (of course), the Policemen bring me home. Policeman demands to see my passport. Still wearing the eyepatch. Tequila Drunk. The faomus 'Tequila Punch' which was in fact a feeble attack on poor Peter by me. Suzi's Bar. Suzy's Bar. Suzy Bar? Suzi Bar? Who knows. The best bar in town, full of English teahers and strippers (the two easiest ways to get into Japan and make a living). Ah, whatever happened to Mino and Dobu? Sara, Brian, the lovely Satomi, the lovely Naoko? The Horaguchi (Horiguchi?) Language School - Looked a little like Colombo perhaps. I was a bad teacher...

Black Hose Road (or is that Blackhorse Road?) "The Standard" was/is a Pub cum Rock Venue. Often full of snakebite drinking punks. A Bar. Ralph used to work there with Dave White, Karen, Gary, Mat, Matt, Chez, Laura, and Claire. Ah, Cocaine. So much of it. The staf would be called into the kitchen for 'breaks' and a line... All so good until the Thefts... Missing money every night. Staff on rotation to catch the thief, but who was it in the end? I heard it was Dave, but never knew for sure. Till. Lloyd Grosman Grossman impression made people laugh. It was terrible. Drunk, a lot. Went back years later and there was a stripper there on stage. Only four of us in the pub. She was down to finger-spread flaps (cough) in minutes. Poor old Mat was harassed for money by her - 'Do you think I do this for fun, eh? Do you?'
Laura. Ladywell. Living with Rachel, Adam, Jenny and more of course. Hyde Housing Association, my old company... Lewisham (the joy of it) Brockley Cross. Ah, whatever happened to Marit or Merit? The German artist who lived upstairs? I liked her, but I friendship went cool after a disasterous pass I made. Goldsmith Tavern. I hate that pub. Evil memories of a man who kicked the shit out of me there. Bastard. Across the road was the 'Squat Pub' full of squatters. In fact it was a late night lounge full of psychopaths selling overpriced cans of Stella. It was in New Cross. Hobgoblin pub (my old local, used to be the Rose of Lee). Anne. Ah, dear Anne, that didn't work out so well, did it? Ladbroke Grove, The Gold, late nights... In Camden living with Tasha and Dave. Caro. Drunk, a lot. We moved to Archway where the Marlborough was our local. Bad pub. Road Marlborough Rd Ralph Caro, throwing veggie-burgers on the floor in drunken outrage. The Salt Bar next door, my god, a bit rough. Robbed, but not really the fault of Michelle and Tim (with the eyepatch and badly scarred face).

Ralph at Glastonbury - a few of the Raining, rin-filled, rain and Muddy years. Drinking Tequila in my little army bag complete with emons and salt (but not too much for the vendor) Eating Mushrooms at the top Stone Circle, quite Funny, in fact, laughing like idiots. Tent. Orcheston Festival in Dumfrishire (or is it Dumfriesshire?) Orchaston Festival in Scotland. They have a Burning Man at the end, with Naked Horse Riders too - lovely. Bit of a Rave, some drinking, some drugs, some camping. The sea too.

Manchester Timperly Timperley

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qwertyuiop is only typed when very bored. Likewise, qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm is only typed by the very bored, and sad. I have sometimes typed things like qazwsxedcrfvtgbyhnujmikolp too. Or, shorter versions: qaz wsx edc rfv tgb yhn ujm iklop ... What else? Ah, of course, the desperate poiuytrewq, or lkjhgfdsa. Or, even, the lamentable mnbvcxz. A full keyboard-ful would give us the supercalifragelistic-like 1234567890-=][poiuytrewqasdfghjkl;'/.,mnbvcxz\ But of course, typing that would be rather laughable.

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