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Speaking the truth

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Satyam or speaking the truth is the most important qualification of a Yogi. In Hitopadesa it says: "If truth and one thousand Ashwameta Yajnas (an elaborate Vedic ceremonial undertaken by kings to attain a son or sovereignty) are weighed in balance, truth will outweigh". In the Mahabharata it says: "The four Vedas on one side, well studied, together with all their Angas and Upangas, are far outweighed by truth on the other". Such is the importance of truth.

God is truth. He can be realised by speaking the truth and by observing truth in thought, word and deed. Truthfulness, equality, self-control, absence of envious emulation, forgiveness, endurance, modesty, absence of jealousy, charity, thoughtfulness, disinterested philanthropy, self-dispossession, and unceasing and compassionate harmlessness are the thirteen forms of truth.

Some people hold that a lie which is calculated to bring good can be regarded as truth. Supposing an unrighteous king orders a sage to be hanged without any reason. If the life of this sage can be saved by uttering a falsehood, the falsehood can be regarded as truth. Truth and falsehood are limited by circumstances. By speaking the truth always, in all circumstances, the Yogi acquires Vak Siddhi or perfection of speech. Whatever he thinks of utters comes true. He can do anything by mere though.

Be truthful. Truth stands even where there is no public support. Truth is God.

From Raja Yoga, by Swami Sivananda.

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