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Setting up a PC wireless network with a Linksys WAG54GS Wireless-G ADSL Gateway with Speedbooster and Talktalk Broadband and Windows XP.

Check: PC is running windows XP, you have a network card which works, you have an active talktalk broadband account running already, you have just bought this new adsl wireless router thing. Okay? Go ahead.

1. Open the box, open a beer, read the mini-manual.

2. If you already have talk talk and their free modem, then disconnect it all, uninstall talktalk broadband, and delete all your internet connections listed through My Network Places / Network Connections

3. Plug in the phone connection that goes into your free talktalk modem into your phone connection on the linksys router. Connect the network cable from port 4 on the linksys to your PC network port. Remove the talktalk USB modem from your system completely. Plug in the power supply for the linksys.

4. Re-start your PC.

5. In a browser, goto, enter admin/admin and follow the basic setup:

Encapsulation: RFC 2364 PPPoA

Multiplex: VC


Username: yourphonenumber@talktalk.net

Password: provided when you joined talktalk

Everything else default. SAVE this page.

6. Wait until your PC recovers, then try and open a web page. It should work!

7. Go to 'Wireless' in the router admin.

Go to Basic Wireless Settings tab: Set up:

Network mode: Mixed

SSID: enter your own amusing network name

SAVE page

Go to Wireless security tab: Set up:

Security Mode: WPA Personal

Encryption: TKIP

Passphrase: Enter password you'll enter to log on to your network via wireless

SAVE page

8. Enjoy. You now have a very basic wireless network setup. You'll need to check all your configurations and settings but this is enough to get you started. If you have a wireless device, you can now search for the network and log on using the password entered earlier.

1st June 2006

Update: My router reset itself yesterday for no good reason. It was like it had been wiped clean. Now,the details I needed to set it up again were on the net, not on my hard drive. Eventually I found a google cache of this page and used it to set up the gateway again!

So, advice - Keep the setup that works for you in a file on your HDD somewhere in case of emergency!

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