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This was written years ago, my intention was to have it read at my funeral...

When death comes for me I'm sure that I will have my back turned, mind elsewhere and will be caught completely unawares.

Death will say to me, 'Come now, we must leave immediately for the planet Zarg.'

It may as well be the planet Zarg, as who knows where we go when death comes for us?

I will panic, of course, unprepared to leave.

'Wait a minute!' I will cry, ' I haven't packed and I had better leave a note.'

But there will be no time for that.

I should have packed a long time ago, expecting the Zarg trip, so I could casually pick up my bag as we leave. I should have written my notes and delivered them long before now. But who does?

In ancient Chinese tales some sages simply left their shoes behind as they mounted dragons, headed for the planet Zarg, perhaps shoes being unnecessary there.

But we today do not want to believe that some day we will have to leave behind this world and everything in it. Even if someone points to the stars and tells us, 'Look! Zarg is there! Prepare now or leave with nothing, in a panic, in the middle of the night!' We won't believe them.

Ah, my friends! Grieve not, but laugh with me at my ridiculous farewell, for I have packed my bag, and this is my note.

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what a lol!

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