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Cron Job Problems

Hits 4372 | Created 2007-05-17 | Modified 2007-05-17

Oh, the irritation of Cron jobs. Written about as if it's simplicity itself in most places, trying to set these up using cpanel on a paid-for-hosting site can be rather tricky. And the cpanel documentation isn't very helpful, basically just informing me that I should be an expert linux user before even thinking about Cron jobs...

So, what's a Cron job, I hear you ask?

It's a task carried out every x minutes, so you could call a page that updates your RSS feed creation automatically every hour, say.

But it is maddening to get it to work. With error messages complaining of missing input files, not found files, permissions errors, etc.

Anyway, for me, this works:

/usr/local/bin/php -q /home/username/public_html/my_file.php

Where username is the username I use to log into control panel.

Good luck!

Comment Cron Job Problems comment by Ralpharama Hits | Last Modified 2007-05-17
If your cron job doesn't email you, it probably isn't your problem, but rather your webhosts will have to check the cron jobs on the server and perhaps reset/restart them? This recently happened to me.

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