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Can't access https sites when connected to VPN

Hits 3465 | Created 2013-11-22 | Modified 2013-11-22

I use VPNUK but when I upgraded to Windows 8.1 recently I suddenly stopped being able to access some servers via remote desktop that had IPs locked down, and also any https sites too.

Solution may be one of these:

Open up your networking/network connections (Press START and type 'View Network Connections', select it)

Locate the VPN connection.

Right click it and choose properties.

Choose 'networking'

Solution 1.
Choose ipv4, properties, advanced, uncheck 'use default gateway on remote network'. Ok, apply, retry VPN connection.

Solution 2.
Unselect ipv4, select ipv6 instead. Ok, apply, retry VPN connection.

The second worked for me.

Good luck, this was driving me mad for ages!

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