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All about 2003

All pages relating to 2003 - a year I spent unemployed in Montreal.

2003 Tagged pages

Article 2003 Hits 2979 | Last Modified 2007-05-31
All about 2003
Blog A trip to the shops Hits 1670 | Last Modified 2007-05-31
My Quebec winter-time outfit consists of a lot of layers of clothing that I used to wear in England, but all worn at the same time. So, I put on my multi-layered affair and head down the steep steps and onto the street to be confronted by an enormous bulldozer, heading right for me.
Blog Bloggers Block Hits 1506 | Last Modified 2007-05-31
Itís just like writers block. I havenít been able to put finger to keyboard for weeks, for some reason. All writing, in fact, has ground to a halt - the book, the screenplay, the articles, Procrastizine, everything. The only thing Iím still doing is writing the Java Applet games, and one is about a week away from release as we speak.
Blog Breasts Hits 1480 | Last Modified 2007-05-31
Or, ĎAn Education Concerning Men, For Women, Part 1í
Article Thirty-One Hits 2824 | Last Modified 2007-05-31
Written on my 31st birthday, I just found this article and thought I'd publish it again. It charts my life, year by year...

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