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Making email in Microsoft Outlook appear important

Hits 4365 | Created 2011-11-11 | Modified 2011-11-11

There are a number of fields you can add to an email message to make it look important, flagged, for follow up, and other things. It can be incredibly annoying when all the email you get is flagged as priority, but here's how to do it anyway...

This is an example of an email send using ASP / VBScript. It sets a while series of flags and fields, have a play. Not all of them are used and/or respected, but many are. Some of them work in other clients, and webmail too.

These are a collection of fields I found in different sources after an infuriating search once as we needed to send a high priority flagged email out at work!


	Dim Mail : Set Mail = Server.CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")
	Mail.to = "person_send_to@email.com"
	Mail.from = "person_send_from@email.com"
	Mail.subject = "My subject goes here"
	Mail.Body = "HTML or text formatted body of email goes here"
	Mail.MailFormat = 0	' 0 = HTML, 1 = Text
	Mail.BodyFormat = 0	' 0 = HTML, 1 = Text
	Mail.Value("Organization") = "My company name"
	Mail.Value("Priority") = 1 ' Attaches a high priority
	Mail.Value("X-Priority") = 1 ' Attaches a high priority
	Mail.Value("X-MSMail-Priority") = "High" ' Attaches a high priority
	Mail.Value("Urgent") = True ' Attaches a high priority
	Mail.Value("Importance") = "High" ' Attaches a high priority
	Mail.Value("X-Message-Flag") = "Hello world" ' Text used to flag this message in MS Outlook
	Mail.Value("Reply-By") = "dd MMM yyyy hh:mm:ss AST" ' Date user is to follow up email
	Set Mail = Nothing

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