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Where is Windows Update located in XP?

Hits 4003 | Created 2011-10-18 | Modified 2011-10-18

If you don't want to visit the Microsoft Windows update website (www.update.microsoft.com) then how do you start Windows Update if it isn't under Start/All Programs?

This was driving me mad for a little while. The usual ways to start Microsoft XP Update are:

> Start Menu / All programs / Windows Update


> Start Menu / All programs / Microsoft Update


> Control Panel / Windows Update


> Go to the update website in IE (Internet Explorer) www.update.microsoft.com

For me the link/option under start menu is missing, and I hate IE so try and avoid using it. It also wasn't under Control Panel.

Eventually I found that if you choose

> Start Menu / Help and Support

Then there is an option in the main text to 'Keep you computer up to date' or similar. This pops open a new update window as usual.

I hope this helps.

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